CoD2 Winter League 2011
It's holidays time and you are much time at home and don't know what to do at evenings. Don't worry, the CoD2 EU section prepared for you a lot of fun and great prizes! So join and play in the Winter League. This season is a Premiership with fixed groups, matches and dates and we all hope you'll enjoy it.
Below in this news, you will find out all informations about the league requirements, restrictions, prizes, schedule and other details...

ESL CoD2 Winter League

   Date: default date is Sunday 20:00 CET
   Mode: SD 5on5 MR12
   Links: Settings, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Restrictions: at least 5 CoD2_PB_Guids (players) , Wire Anti-cheat
   Signup: 18/12/11 - 12:00 CET until 6/1/12 - 19:00 CET

During a Premiereship all signed-up teams will be seeded into a group and play one scheduled match each week. To schedule the match you can use the "match setup" or the "match comments". It is also allowed to move it to another matchweek day (max +6 days). If nothing happens the admins will force the match always to Sunday 20:00 CET of the current matchweek.

We will also try to get streams of the final matches via our ESL partner:


Special Prize

The winner of the CoD2 Winter League 2011 will get the Winter Award for his team. This special Award is only for the winning Team and especially at the Electronic Sports League:

1st Place

Special Winter Award

The Cup will be added to the HoF. The winning teams will also get an entry there.

CoD2 - now on facebook

CoD2 section will from now on announce all the news on the facebook also. So we are inviting all they players to like ESL CoD2 on facebook so you can get all the news directly to your facebook wall.

You also can contact us for ideas when we should run the next Cups!

For support please contact us via support ticket or on a IRC channel: #esl.cod2


Zmade Romel Chefkoch

Admin Team
Zmade, Wednesday, 21/12/11 13:35
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go go go :)
I search for a command write to Skype - one.sp1rt
Ищу команду пишите в скайп - one.sp1rt
play? 19:00 tree ? no teams :D
hellooo? whats going on here?
We need only 1 more team, to start with the league and therefor we extended the signup until friday, 6. January 2012. ;) Tell your cod2 friends.
There is no rush for the groups and matches, you will have 1 week to play one group match. :)
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fail cup .... admins OFF :D
fail community :D
Groups are now live! ;) Maps are predefined in each matchweek, so pay attention.
Default date is Sunday 20:00 CET but you can play it before, just agree with your oponent in match comments.
Mode: SD 5on5 MR12 (one map)

GL & HF!
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