CoD2 Autumn League 2011 *canceled*
Is it rainy? Bad weather forced you to stay at home? Don't worry, CoD2 EU section prepared for you a lot of fun and great prizes! After two cups from series "Best of", CoD2 EU section is proud to present you a new tournament. This season is a Premiership with fixed groups, matches and dates and we all hope you'll enjoy it.
Down below in this news you will find out informations about league requirements, restrictions, prizes, schedule and other details...

ESL CoD2 Autumn League

   Date: default date is Sunday 20:00 CET
   Mode: SD 5on5 MR12
   Links: Settings, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Restrictions: at least 5 CoD2_PB_Guids (players) , Wire Anti-cheat
   Signup: 12/10/11 - 14:00 CET until 31/10/11 - 19:00 CET

During a Premiereship all signed-up teams will be seeded into a group and play one scheduled match each week. To schedule the match you can use the "match setup" or the "match comments". It is also allowed to move it to another matchweek day (max +6 days). If nothing happens the admins will force the match always to Sunday 20:00 CET of the current matchweek.


Special Prize

The winner of the CoD2 Autumn League 2011 will get the Autumn Award for his team. This special Award is only for the winning Team and especially at the Electronic Sports League:

1st Place

Special Autumn Award

The Cup will be added to the HoF. The winning teams will also get an entry there.

You also can contact us for ideas when we should run the next Cups!

For support please contact us via support ticket or on a IRC channel: #esl.cod2


Chefkoch Zmade Romel Noxum Ludwig

Admin Team
Romel, Saturday, 29/10/11 12:59
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GO GO! Apply and play, GL! ;)
Come on, people!
Join league and taste enjoyment of fair play!
(2 teams, 8 groups, 3 days more remaining, this needs to be more advertised)
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We will maybe extended the signup date, so please tell your friends. ;)
awesome ! :)
if u rly wanne get ppl back to esl u shud try to get some better prizes. considerin the potential esl has its just sad
pg5 wrote:
if u rly wanne get ppl back to esl u shud try to get some better prizes. considerin the potential esl has its just sad

better prizes brings hacks
Beasti, you said that well,
but I still believe that there are no cheaters on ESL (and if there are, they are found for short period)
I really don't care about prizes.
ESL is for me place where I am sure that I won't meet cheaters.
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mix me for this cup!!!
wire aint bypassed so whats ur point?
Signup is extended until Sunday, 23/10/11 19:00.
GL ! cod2 dont die! thanks
Can we sign in ?
You had more than 2 weeks to sign up for this league, and you ask to join 15 minutes after sign ups closed.

I was advertising this league 0-24 every day on Xfire and CoD2 Pub Server, but just 4 teams signed up for this. Sad.
Enough teams to play this cup?
fail !!!
update one week later!! i think more teams sign up
We can extend the signup once again, if you know at least 10 teams, that would apply. :)
If not, we will cancel it and transfer the prizes into winter league, aprox. in November.
Give us also ideas here, forum or via support, thanks.
We will do probably a quick cup instead, stay tuned. ;)
ye go go go.....
Signup is extended to 31/10/11 - 19:00 CET! Tell your friends. ;)
oh good> thx admins ;)
I think its again fail :-(
Is it possibile to sign up now??? PLeaseeeeeee adminnnnn
Because only 6 teams applied, we have to inform you, that the league is canceled and we will try with winter league soon, so stay tuned.
But don't worry, during this time, we will organize smaller quick cups. Check at ESL today or tomorrow, when we will announce a new cup for you! ;)
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