Best of Burgundy
We have already announced a couple of Cups for you in summer time, called "Best-Of-Series". As mentioned, we run some special cups with only one map to play! We will started the cup with map Toujane and now it's turn for Burgundy. Join and show us, who's the best team in this French town.
We will search in the next Cups the best Teams on following maps...

Call of Duty 2 Search & Destroy 4on4+ Best-Of Series

Requirements:At least 4 players
Team: Must have short name / tag entered
Logo: A representing logo (180x180 .jpg) must be uploaded
Contact: XFire must be entered and shown
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Informations: Begin: Friday, 05/08/11 20:00 CET
Open slots: 16 teams
Type: 4vs4+ Search & Destroy
Cup Mode: Single elimination
Play Mode: 1 map only (/pam_mode esl_mr12) + smoke ON!
Mappool: Toujane, Burgundy

In the case of a draw, you have to play maxrounds 3 on the same map! That means 3 rounds as Axis and 3 rounds as Allies.

Maybe we will add also some other maps, if you wish and show interest.

Time schedule:
ESL.CoD2 Best of Burgundy: SIGN UP HERE!
(Registration period: 29/07/11 - 05/08/11 18:00)

Upcoming Signup open Signup closed

The Cup will be added to the HoF. The winning teams will also get an entry there.

You also can contact us for ideas when we should run the next Cups!


Chefkoch sANtiaGo Zmade Ludwig Romel

Admin Team
Zmade, Thursday, 04/08/11 12:11
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Join and play. GL! ;)
go go go :)
jebi ga treba to izreklamirat
We are in :-)
need team xfire: darky1122
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