How to find the Cod 2 value for game account??
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Please help me!

<<Players must have added the following gameaccount to their account to play in this league.
Type: COD2 PB GUID (click here to add) min. members: 1>>
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1. go on original server
2. type in console /pb_myguid
3. last 8 characters are value that you need to enter
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You connect alone on a original server, open console:

To open the full screen console, hold down the "Shift" key and press the "tilde" (~) key. When you press Shift+Tilde, you should see the full screen console open. To close the Full-Screen Console, press the tilde key again.

When you are in console full screen mode write this command:


Then a value - 32 characters (marked with blue colour, PunkBuster Client: GUID=...) should appear in console.

Then you just add the last 8 characters from this value into your game account.

Example (this is not a real guid):

If your value is...

PunkBuster Client: GUID=1234asdf5678qwer0987yxcvvbnm3456

Then your COD2 PB GUID value is vbnm3456
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But it's strange if i put /pb_myguid on orginal server and if i put on crack server it's the same guid so why should i connect to the original?
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