CoD2 Summer League 2010 - The Winners
48 teams in 8 groups, played across the old battlefields in Europe for the Summer League 2010 title and special summer award. Once again many teams and players showed that CoD2 scene is still alive. There were many tight matches, but which teams were the best, who won, etc. you will found it out in this news.
The ESL CoD2 Staff Europe presents...

The Winners (prizes and rankings)

1. place

1x ESL Premium Account
2 Month Team GIGABYTE
2. place

2x ESL Premium Account
1 Month inACTION

3. place

Special Prize

The winner of the CoD2 Summer League 2010 also gets the Summer Award for his team. This special Award is only for the winning Team and special at the Electronic Sports League:

1st Place

The two winning teams, please report to us via support, so that we can hand out the prizes to your teams.

The League added to the HoF. The Team also get an entry there.

The ESL Admin Team thanks all participants for the great League. We hope you could enjoy it and we will see us in the ladders or in the next League.

Chefkoch Future sANtiaGo Noxum Zmade
Admin Team
Zmade, Thursday, 30/12/10 14:40
CoD2 SD 5on5 Summer League 2010
Final Group Rankings
Summer League 2010 Playoffs - Tournament tree
Support - for winners
comments (3)
Congrats to all winners, cya in next league. ;)
CoD2 Summer League 2010 -> 30.12.10 14:40 lol...
thank you it was a good cup :)
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