VERSUS Summer Season
New season, new rankings, new challenges! We start new season with a lot improvements from previous season and of course less cheaters. By switching from Spring to Summer Season all players once again start with 0 points, but don't worry you can always see result from previous season. So we wish you good luck and a lot of fun in the second season of VERSUS!

Spring Season - Top 3

Little preview from Spring season, so here are top 3 players from previous season.

T1nO - 2323 points (195-18-33)
sevi1z - 2247 points (289-37-70)
Brane - 2067 points (144-23-112)

Changes during Spring Season

Below you can see improvements that has been made in Versus, during Spring Season.

Party Chat
Advanced Rankings
Trusted and account age restriction clouds
Automatic bans for VERSUS
Revenge on Cheaters
Improved Matchmaking
Season Awards

Who were the best and when do we get our awards?

In the next days we will publish more news regarding the Spring Seasons best and most active players, some interesting stats as well as your earned awards. Please have some patience. Even if it takes some time, everyone will get the awards they earned.

CoD2 - Facebook and Twitter

Follow CoD2 section on FaceBook and Twitter!

For support please contact us via support ticket or on a IRC channel: #esl.cod2

If you have any suggestions for CoD2 (maps, mods...) in Versus leave a comment below or write a support ticket.

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Admin Team
Romel, Tuesday, 08/05/12 15:50
Play Versus!
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GL & HF to all! ;)

For ESL would be good if it were also required to record a match versus. Mode 1v1, 2v2..because cod2 do not play consistently high number of players and you have to wait long time to play match. When you turn on wire program that automatically connects you to the server.. like cod4.

Lažje mi je v slovenščini ^^

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