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We want to have a friendly and serious accent. For this, the following rules have to be followed:

* CAPITALISATION is used in the forum as in an email or an instant messanger as scream and according to this its sense is unfriendly for many people.
* You have to use a serious language without obscenity, innuendos or other contact, which could be conceived as offense, are forbidden
* Threats, offenses, personal attacks, trolling (aspersions used to sensible threads with the aim to force a conflict) and flame wars are not allowed. Who gets attacked in such a way should not react, but contact an admin with an url to the post.
* Private problems should be solved outside of the forum and the esl.

Posting rules

A violation against the rules follows in the deletion of the posts and / or topics, the closing and in the worst case, penalty points. The following stuff is not allowed in this forum:

* In the ESL EU area, everyone has to write in english, posts in other languages will be deleted
* Advertising, no matter if it is private or commercial
* URLs containing illegal content or content rated over 18
* Sponsor searches
* Spam, offenses, flames and so on
* Publishing content of protest or support requests

Everyone who is active in this forum must follow the rules of the netiquette!

The basics

The forum should not be used for protests or requests to the admins. If you need to talk with an admin please use the support form.
Threads with such contents will be closed and in some situations deleted. Threads where you are looking for an opponent are not serious here. Use the ESL Instant Challenger, or the ESL IRC channel #esl.cod2 to find an opponent fast and easily.

Users, who produce massive spam will be warned and in the future be banned from the forum. Posts with public criminations where no official decision was made should not be posted here. Exceptions are serious and objective discussions which are written in a serious accent, this also counts for threads pointing to an admin.

For member- and clan searches we have a special forum. It is not possible for us to move a thread. In order to this, we have to close or delete a thread in this topic.

New users in the esl should read the FAQ first. Most of all questions will be answered there. If your question was not answered by the FAQ, you have different ways to contact an admin.

The common way is to use the "Support & Help" form which is the best way to solve most of your problems. If you have a short question, you can visit our IRC channel #esl.cod2 in the Quakenet.

Usally one admin is always available, if this is not the case please use the support form. Some admins are able to talk with you in ICQ. Read their player sheet for further informations.

Basicly counts: If you have questions to your ESL account, a team or a game please use the support form to file a ticket.

Please attend the basic netiquette. Thanks.

Important informations

The ESL Call of Duty 2 forum allows you to discuss on different topics. It is one of many possibilities in the community to communicate with different players and admins in the ESL. To have the best possible overview on recent posts and informations we want to introduce new and existing informations how to use this forum and the ESL system.

Protests & Support

By submitting any requests to the support be sure you are in the navnode /eu/cod2/, otherwise your request will not be transmitted to the CoD2 admins directly, which will increase the duration. In order to this it is not important if something else is behind /eu/cod2/, it is only important, that /cod2/ is in the address line in your browser.

For every protest we have a period of 72 hours. This means, after the match was played you can start a protest within this time. This is also possible if the game is not listed under "Open Matches" anymore. In this case your "Command center" gets an important role.

Here you can find the solutions for most problems. You can find the protest menu under the point "Misc" - "Start Protest" to start a protest after the result was confirmed. When you submit a protest please make sure you have read and understood the rules for filing a protest.

ESL Accounts

One of the most important rules is the rule 3.1. Player Registration:

An ESL Account can only be created if the user is at least six years old. When registering, each player must provide an up-to-date and correct email address and it is the player’s responsibility to keep this up-to-date. To play in a ladder, a method of contact (an IRC channel or an ICQ number) must be available and visible to all users in your playersheet. Each player in the ESL must only have one account! If a player cannot get at his account and then creates a new one, then he/she must write a support ticket explaining in detail the reason why.

Admin Applications

You have to meet the following requirements:

* At least 16 years old
* Very good knowledge of written english
* Very good knowledge of the ESL rules
* Be serious, organized and a teamworker
* Neutrality and objectivity by finding the decision
* Be able to work in a team and be able to find solutions

Try to describe and present yourself in the best way. If you write a good presentation you can be sure we will be interested in picking you up as admin.
Unserious applications (e.g. without many words) and too many listings will be ignored.

ESL admin application

Since there are many requests coming up in the support and the forum, the following stuff will be explained again, so we can redirect the users to it.

How we calculate in the cod2 ladders:

First of all, the 4 results of the map will not be totalled.
There is an easy reason for it: There are different maps played, the weight of kills is not even on the maps and you can collect more on the first map and win it and you can get killed more on the second map to win it. It can happen, that 10 kills on the first map have more weight then 20 kills on the second map because there are less frags on the first map alltogether.
To be fair we have to weight the maps in different ways. We do this by weighting the kills with percentage calculations. Exmaple:

Map 1 finished with a result of 4 : 16 Kills
= 20% : 80%

Map 2 finished with a reslt of 45 : 30 Kills
= 60% : 40%

The total result in this example is not 49 : 46 Kills, but 80% : 120% in percents.
Team 2 has won, even if Team 1 had more kills in summary.

This win will be rewared with Elo points in the ladder. Since we are using the ranking module elo plain, it does not matter, how close the match was. It only counts draw, loss or win.

An (unofficial) calculator for this system can be found here .

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