Admins Wanted!
The Electronic Sports League needs you to bring CoD2 back in action! Lately, everyone has probably thought that this section is no longer active. Now new plans have been discussed. That's why we are now searching for new, enthusiastic admins! With new admins, we can increase the activity within the section by organising more cups and more events.

Admin Information

At the Electronic Sports League we are always on the look out for enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals to join our admin team. Whether you're a new player or long time veteran you can help out and make a difference in your community.

ESL CoD2 EU Admin Team

: Master League Admin
Romel : Co-Master League Admin
Chefkoch : League Admin
Noxum : League Admin (inactive)
Ludwig : Trial League Admin
YOU ???

Today we want to tell you what we are searching for and how a good application should be look like.

We are searching for...

Admins with ideas are what we need in this section! Aside from the task of plotting new methods to bring Call of Duty 2 back to many people as possible, admins will be required to undertake the role as League Admins. With big things in the works for the european scene we hope to get back more activity, especially in ESL. Therefore we need some of the most Professional Admins to help with the planning and operation of this Section.

Requirements to become an ESL Admin...

  1. In order to maintain standards of maturity and acceptable levels of education, we require that all applicants be over the age of 18.

  2. We require all of our admins to fully understand every part of the game they play and also the internet gaming scene attached to it.

  3. Your Account have to be older than 3 months. Each application without this requirement can and will not be taken into account.

  4. Activity is always an issue with our Call of Duty 2 Admin Team. We desperatly need admins who are willing to devote large chunks of their time to the successful running of our league.

And remember to include as much details as possible about yourself, your history and remember to write in good English!!!

Admin applications here!


Zmade Romel Chefkoch Noxum Ludwig

Admin Team
Romel, Wednesday, 23/11/11 20:53
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gl to all :)
GO COD 2 GOOOO !!!! :)))))
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