How to play CoD2?
We are aware of the fact that our ladders are not so active as we wish. Many players think, finding a match on ESL is hard. Well, that's not true! Here is a short tutorial, that will show you how simple it is.

What is required for playing CoD2 on ESL?

  • Every player needs to be registered on the ESL (see our getting started guide)
  • Every player needs their CoD2 PB guid registered
  • Every player needs to join their team on ESL
  • Every player needs to download ESL Wire

  • How to find an opponent?

  • IRC: #cod2.esl & #cod2.wars
  • Auto challenger
  • Matchmaker
  • Simple challenge
  • Instant challenger
  • Lobbies on ESL Wire
  • VERSUS* (coming soon)

  • For a simple challenge go to your desired ladder ranking and pick your favourite team and challenge it easily.
    All games on ESL have their own lobby. You can easily join these lobbies by going to the "lobbies" tab in ESL Wire. There you can see how many players are in the lobbies and set your favorites.

    Before match

  • Start ESL Wire.
  • Find tab play and click on the game you are meant to have a match.
  • Find corresponding match and mark box related to anti-cheat.
  • Screenshot option is not compulsory (but it is recomended).
  • Don’t forget to record a demo.

  • During match

  • Be polite and play fair.
  • Take screenshots of the result and of guids (/pb_plist).

  • After match

  • Upload matchmedia (screenshots of score and guids).
  • Demo upload only on a request of opponent or admin.
  • If u think that your opponent didn’t play fair or their behavior was abusive open a match protest, but first try to communicate with each other.

  • What is ESL Wire?

    ESL Wire is a tool that will make your playing on ESL more simple than it is.

  • Wire Anti-Cheat in Gathers
    ESL Wire Anti-Cheats also protects ESL Gathers
  • Matchmedia Upload
    Automated upload for screenshots & replays
  • Screenshot Tool
    For all games without screenshot functionality
  • Buddy, Lobby and Teamchat
    Chat with your buddies or opponents
  • Virtual LAN
    Online gaming as easy as playing on a LAN

  • If there is something that is still not clear to you or you have questions, feel free to ask in news comments, in forum, via support ticket or on a IRC channel: #esl.cod2

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    1on1 DM ladder - Signup here!

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    2on2 SD ladder - Signup here!

    3on3 SD ladder - Signup here!

    5on5 SD ladder - Signup here!

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    You are welcome to participate in every ESL ladder, our regular cups and leagues. We hope you will enjoy your stay!

    Chefkoch sANtiaGo Noxum Zmade Future qwertyBeast Ludwig Romel

    Admin Team
    Romel, Tuesday, 14/06/11 15:38
    COD2 search and destroy 1on1 Ladder
    COD2 search and destroy 2on2 Ladder
    COD2 search and destroy 3on3 Ladder
    COD2 search and destroy 5on5 Ladder
    comments (3)
    Join and play! ;)
    ok cu on xd
    still missing that u can play for more than 1 team, for example let everyone play for 3 teams.
    also do some advertisement on IRC or somewhere and open cups with some good prizes (e.g. let only premium teams apply and then make prizemoney for about 500 € rank 1, 250 € rank 2.)
    should be easy with 10 € premium for each player = per team 50 € = 16 slot cup 800 € = prize money all in all 750 € = 50 € profit for ESL
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