Leagueinfo and complete rules update!
After a long while, the European CoD2 section made a complete update of all rules. We adapted the rules to the gaming scene and ESL changes.
Be aware to play within this new rules after 1. 11. 2011. GL & HF!
Call of Duty 2 most important changes!

You still need:Player/Team: Must have short name / tag or nickname entered
Logo: A representing logo (180x180 .jpg) must be uploaded for the team or image for the player
Contact: XFire must be entered and shown or any other MSN/Skype/IRC/ICQ...
Valid Call of Duty 2 PB Guid
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Additions: 6.1.4. Cracked Server
6.2. Player Settings
6.2.1. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
6.2.2. Manipulated Linesman/Wire Anti-Cheat
6.2.3. Forbidden programs and configuration modifications

7.1.2. Banlisted Guids
7.1.3. Bugs and glitches
7.1.4. Illegal actions
7.1.5. Planting/defusing bomb
7.1.6. Trick jumping

8. Penalty Point Catalouge - NEW!!!
Updated rules: CoD2 DM 1on1 Ladder - League Info
CoD2 DM 1on1 Ladder - Complete Rules

CoD2 SD 1on1 Ladder - League Info
CoD2 SD 1on1 Ladder - Complete Rules

CoD2 SD 2on2 Ladder - League Info
CoD2 SD 2on2 Ladder - Complete Rules

CoD2 SD 3on3 Ladder - League Info
CoD2 SD 3on3 Ladder - Complete Rules

CoD2 SD 5on5 Ladder - League Info
CoD2 SD 5on5 Ladder - Complete Rules

PLEASE read the new rules, so there wont be any problems at your matches!!!

You can also contact us for ideas when or which cups we should run in the near future.

COD2 @ ESL is recharging!

Zmade Romel Chefkoch dbaser shakasaur

For any questions, please feel free to contact us via the support.

Admin Team

Zmade, Wednesday, 01/02/12 16:50
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