Spring League 2012 - Playoffs
The best 8 teams of Spring League 2012 are known, so let the playoffs begin!
Below in this news, you will find out all informations about the playoffs...

ESL CoD2 Spring League 2012 - PLAYOFFS

   Date: default date is Sunday 20:00 CET
   Mode: SD 5on5 MR10 (two maps, each team selects one, map pool: Burgundy, Carentan, St. Mere Eglise, Toujane, Matmata)
   Links: Settings, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC and Support ticket
   Restrictions: at least 5 CoD2_PB_Guids (players) , Wire Anti-cheat
   Time to play the match: 1 week - if there is no agreement, match will be forced for sunday 20:00 CET

Qualified TEAMS:

Walking dead





Concept Digital Damage.CoD

pandora eSports

CheaterzZz GaminG


Good luck to all teams. May the best team win!

We will also try to get streams of the final matches via our ESL partner:


Special Prize

The winner of the CoD2 Spring League 2012 will get the Spring Award for his team. This special Award is only for the winning Team and especially at the Electronic Sports League:

1st Place

Special Spring Award

The Cup will be added to the HoF. The winning teams will also get an entry there.

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For support please contact us via support ticket or on a IRC channel: #esl.cod2

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Admin Team
Romel, Sunday, 13/05/12 15:08
CoD2 SD 5on5 Spring League 2012 Playoffs
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Gl & HF!
Of these 8 teams that came out of the group will play only four, the maximum
it's cool ...
"We will also try to get streams of the final matches via our ESL partner: Twitch.TV\\\\\\\"

At the moment no game has been streamed. So i hope at least the final will be streamed. If not i think ESL are puting all the time false information. It says he does a lot but then does nothing. I talk with romel some days ago to stream the others games but nothing happens.. i really hope this final will be streamed. Game will be at 4 june 21h (london time)
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