Versus for CoD2!!!
After many struggles and efforts of our admin team to get Versus for CoD2, our prayers have been fulfilled!
Today we official got Versus for our section! For more info check inside the news.
Did you were sick and tired of searching a match at ESL?! Here is the solution for fast match arrangement: VERSUS!

But first of all we have to present you:

What is VERSUS?
How can I participate?

Most important VERSUS. Facts:

1. Two clicks, one match - It has never been this easy to play an ESL match
2. VS. Skill balancing - Modern skill balancing technology for fair and fun matches
3. Play for free - Everyone can play as much and as long as they want
4. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat - VS. is using the world's safest Anti-Cheat technology


Rankings: CoD2 Versus best players and teams


Pam mode: /pam_mode eumr12 One Map - MR12
One pistol round, winner gets to choose sides!

Map pool:
Burgundy, Carentan, Dawnville, Matmata, Toujane

We will add new play modes 1on1, 2on2, 5on5 step by step.
Please give us your opinions, suggestions,... and ACTIVITY to make the CoD2 @ ESL better!

Please read the whole rules from the ladders, also: 3on3 Ladder Rules

In november 2011 we made some rules changes so please read them carefully!!!

Tell your friends! We need your support and feedback in form of many played matches!
Call of duty 2 is recharging at Electronic Sports League!

CoD2 - now on facebook

CoD2 section will from now on announce all the news on the facebook also. So we are inviting all they players to like ESL CoD2 on facebook so you can get all the news directly to your facebook wall.

Zmade Romel Chefkoch dbaser shakasaur

For any questions, please feel free to contact us via the support.

Admin Team
Zmade, Wednesday, 01/02/12 17:32
Support for Versus
Versus FAQ
comments (21)
bam !
again COD!
go go ahead ESl
Ye, I like it!
Go CoD2@ESL! ;)
On CB i am like good player . But on ESl I am pro.(Here is no cheaters at all)
So I say goooooooo ESL.COD2
ESL>CB in cb to mutch cheaters :)

when 5on5 versus ?
nice :)
niceeeeee nice nice, plz put cod2 ladders, coz on cb to much cheaters like beju say :D <3
1 edits
The ladders are still there. ;)
Just apply and play. Maybe arrange a match in Versus chat.
ESL when 5on5 versus ?
cod2 is back in esl..... finally!
Nicee (=
COD 2 which patch ?
esl versus is nice, but ladder is not that good cuz the rules are still not good for this community
nice guys!
why black ops lol, that game is dead.
Same as mw3 will be when Call for Money: MoneymakingOps 2 comes out.
add 2v2 versus pls
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