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What teams we can get?

- Germany
- Italy
- Spain
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Hungary
- Serbia
- Czech Republic
- Poland
- Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Finland?
- Croatia?
- Slovenia?
- Turkey?
- Russia?

Any connections or more countries are able to get up a team?

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
- Slovenia
- Croatia

Can do. ;)
Hmmm... :rolleyes:

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
SERBIA <3 ! emoticon-smile
Please add Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am a member of our CB CoD2 NC team and as that league is a shambles, we would like to participate here. I know all the relevant players from BiH and can get the team sorted out np.
We will add it very soon.

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
Could you please add Belgium?

Please can you add Malta. Thanks, best regards Katalyst
add France ?
We can add, but we need team captains for that countries as soon as possible!

Read the news:

Apply via support ticket, thanks! ;)
I know that inf and katalyst have sent their support tickets yesterday, so that should be in.
Ireland Cheers ;)
in the next 2 days we will announce the next steps for this event!

einfach cheffellicious sein //
w4de answer in your ticket god dammit emoticon-smile

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
Can you provide us with some data?
Yes I can. News is ready to set online, only need agree from our league partners. emoticon-tongue

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...

einfach cheffellicious sein //
If you want Sweden in the tournament, then apply for team captain, as soon as possible!
Last chance, so grab it! ;)
Listed Team - Status 15/12/09:

Team Germany

Team Italy

Team Bosnia-Herzegovina

Team Netherlands

Team Poland

Team Portugal

Team Russia

Team Serbia

Team Turkey

Team Slovenia

Team Spain

Team Malta

Team Belgium

Team United Kingdom

Team Croatia

Team Austria

Team Czech Republic

Team Ireland

Team Hungary

Team Greece

Team France



Team Sweden

Team Swiss

Team Luxembourg

Team Finland

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...


Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
The national teams - Group B : http://www.esl.eu/eu/cod2/news/108992/

Ich hab keine Zeit mich zu beeilen...
it is over


thx all!!!

einfach cheffellicious sein //

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