Saturday, 29/09

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 16:16
Reaper won Summer League CM0102The Summer League CM0102 and the last competition in this game ended yesterday. Reaper was the big winner, after won your opponent Shevjke Reaper by 1-0. In the game for the 3rd and 4th place, JCENA won from Rqiklin. Thank you very much for your games and congratulations for the winners.

Friday, 07/09

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 21:01
Shevjke won EURO Challenge 2012The grand winner is Shevjke. After beats JCENA in the final by 8-2, Shevjke got his 2nd tournament in ESL CM0102. JCENA got the 2nd place, after won from Sorin in the last round. Sorin was the 3rd placed.

Wednesday, 29/08

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 20:30
Summer League Finals are onlineThe finals of Championship Manager' Summer League are online and available to play. Please, take care of the deadlines. Good luck and good games.

Thursday, 02/08

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 05:00
Maveric2005 won the Opening CupThe Opening Cup and the first competition in ESL Championship Manager 2001-2002 already ended. Maveric2005 won from Makau in the grand final, while Shevjke in the decisive game for the 3rd and 4th place was better agains Kobayashi. Congratulations for the winners and thank you for your participation.

Saturday, 14/07

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 01:04
Summer League 2012 is onlineThe draw was made, and here we are to play more and more games. In this league you can count with more games. We will have 2 groups with 10 players. So, with 2 round you can play 18 games in the groupstage. Please, follow the deadlines and ave fun. Have a good games and a good summer. The 4th first placed in each groups will take the last round.

Thursday, 05/07

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 18:59
EURO Challenge 2012 - PlayoffsThe players who sent correctly the teams are inside the brackets. So, we created a special update for the game where you can find in this news. We wish good luck and have fun.

Wednesday, 20/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 02:13
EURO Challenge 2012 - ***UPDATE***This competition didn't start yet, because we are still waiting for your line-ups. Understand, you need to send us a list of 23 players (in CM0102' database). You got a National Team, so you must open the game and search 23 players from your nationality. It is so hard? I didn't understand why you signed up and don't follow the rules. We are accepting new players which want to play. If you are in the cup and don't want play, please write a support ticket, or you will be punished for the games not played.

Tuesday, 19/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 01:12
CM0102 Summer League 2012After the 1st league, we will go ahead with the Summer League 2012. The sign-ups will start soon, so we hope to see a lot of players with us. Read the rules carefully and if you have doubts ask us before you join the league.

Tuesday, 12/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 15:29
Shevjke won Spring League CM0102The Spring League CM0102 ended in the last week. Shevjke was the big winner, after won your opponent TeamSEK Reaper by 7-4, in a final with 11 goals. In the game for the 3rd and 4th place, Sergei91 won from Sorin. It was a good competitions, and we need to thank you for your participations. Congratulations for the winners. We hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, 10/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 04:18
EURO Challenge 2012 - Where are the lineups?As you said in the plan, you need to send us via-ticket your 23 players. We think that it is so easy. You must open Championship Manaer 2001-2002, check the best players from your National Team and send us the list of 23 players. The official Euro already starts...please, do it fast and send us.

Monday, 04/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 00:20
EURO Challenge 2012 - Cup full and teams drawnAfter some hours of main announcement we already got 16 players to start this competition. As you should know, you will be able to choose your 23 players to play. So, you need so send us your list via-ticket and after we will be able to build a specific update for this competition. Please, if you signed-up is because you are able to play. Check your players and send us the names. You can check your team in the news.

Sunday, 03/06

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 16:55
EURO Challenge 2012The European Challenge already arrived in our section. So, we are prepared with utmost care, adapting the tournament to the reality of our game. Please, read carefully the news and ask us if you have some doubts. We hope that you like it.

Sunday, 13/05

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 03:43
Spring League CM0102 - Playoffs OnlineWe already know what are the 10 finalists. After a very good games, they will beat for the first winner in a Season of CM0102. Who will win? Let's check the games. Good luck.

Thursday, 29/03

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 13:47
Opening Cup CM0102 - Last chanceThe deadline already ends last Tuesday. Anyway, we will give you the last chance to sign-up and play with us the Opening Cup CM0102. Join and enjoy!

Tuesday, 20/03

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 23:04
Opening Cup CM0102Hello! Hello! We are very happy after the official announcement of this section and, as you should know, the first official cup is "Opening Cup". And here we are with it. So, take a look in the main information and sign-up. We want you here!
Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 22:42
CM0102 - Spring League 2012The first competition in that section is here. We hope the best start to this section, giving you a competitive and attractive competitions. Thus, we ask you to read carefully the following information.

Monday, 19/03

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 19:07
TUTORIAL - How to play CM0102 onlineAs we had promised, here you have your tutorial. Please, download the file and read it carefully. If you need something more, please, ask us via-ticket or in this news.

Thursday, 15/03

Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 13:27
Admin WantedThe Championship Manager 2001-2002' section needs you. So, are you interested? Read through our available positions and if you feel you fit a certain job, and have the profile required, don't hesitate, send us your application. Please, take a look at the job description and find out if you meet the requirements!
Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 01:39
Official rulesAs you should know, before you join and sign-up our competitions, it is better that you take a look into the official rules. If you already played in the Football Manager section, you will recognize some rules. Anyway, the CM0102 has some new rules, such as the forbidden tactics. So, it's important that you know all of these rules. Please, check the link bellow.
Championship Manager 2001-2002 | 01:33
Championship Manager 0102' section is officially openWe're proud to announce you a new section in ESL: Championship Manager Season 2001-2002. Stay tuned for further informations! Let's have some fun.
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