Carom3D Tournament #115
It´s time for our next weekly tournament. The Electronic Sports League gives you the chance to play them FOR FREE every week on random days, allowing all players with an ESL account to join, play and win nice prizes. Get all the information about this weeks tournament inside this news.

Carom3D Tournament

The signup will run in our Forum: We open a thread in which you announce your wish to participate. Always use the Signup link inside the News and follow the instructions in posting #1 in the Forum! Signup is open until 1 hour before the Tournament starts.

Details of the Event
Tournament #115 by www.ESL.eu

Game type: Rotation Ball
Thu, 01/09/11 22:30 CET


The players of the final match receive 50/25 Coupons. Furthermore, the champion will receive the famous Tournament Crown on the Carom3D Blog and will be listed in the Hall of Fame. Good luck & have fun!

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.carom3d (QuakeNet), on our TeamSpeak Server or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,
your Staff Europe
KuLSoN, Wednesday, 31/08/11 12:38
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comments (7)
what's going on with award ceremony for summer series ???
furry needs to handle that, I have updated hof and sent chalks for clan war who sent support for the rest you will have to ask him
btw about HoF my nick is 2 times there :DDD 3rd and 41st place :) and what about chalks for 1non1 and 2on2 :?
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write down support ticket about all your problems and we will see what we can do
I have done it before 23 days....
there is only i ticket i see , its 6 days old and locked by other admin
its 23 days old, just 6 days no answer from Furry :)
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