European Challenge with a lot of prizes!
This week, we are very proud to present a very special announcement about one of our upcoming projects. We are talking about a real challenge, the Brink European Challenge, which is a new and exclusive tournament dedicated to every Brink player in Europe!

Challenge ? What kind of challenge ?

We have already talked a bit about in our previous news about our plans for June. Now we will release some more information. Indeed, the first European Challenge is on its way!

First of all, we start with an open sign-up period, so everyone from all over of Europe is invited to join the next big tournament.
Followed by a group-stage of x groups with 6 teams, the best two teams advances to the playoffs and fight for the big prizes!

The whole challenge will be held in 5on5. The gametype will be Stopwatch and we use the latest Championship Settings.

More detailed information about the final schedule will follow in a separate news soon. Be sure to stay up-to-date and visit our Brink Portal regular.

ESL Brink Section Page  

Schedule & Sign-Up

Sign-up: until 10th July 23:59 CET
Groupstage: 11th July - 14th August
Play-Offs: 22nd August - 11th September

Sign-up now

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes!

Prizes ? Oh yes, a lot of prizes! But you also have to work hard to get any of our nice prizes! All you have to do is reach one of the first 5 places after the groupstage.

We have non-cash prizes with a worth of €1.500!

A lot of money that will be split to the best five teams. Just continue reading to see which prizes we offer.

1st place: 5x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD + Western Digital 1TB Ext. HDD

Unleash more power using a Solid State Disk! More gamers and more games benefits from the huge amount of power. With a maximum read of 285 MBytes/s and 275 MBytes/s when writing, you're always the first when loading new maps or writing a lot of data to your disk. The ultra-fast 2,5" OCZ Vertex 2 offers 60 GBytes of space, enough for your Windows and your favorite games.
The Vertex 2 makes an SSD the ideal storage alternative to hard drives and delivers the quality, reliability, and durability demanded by consumers that will not settle for anything but the best.

More information about the OCZ Vertex 2 SSD can be found on the official website.

Western Digital is world-leading for internal and external hard drives. The 1TByte external hard drive offers you enough space for all of your pictures, movies and songs. It's USB 2.0 port makes sure that all of your data will be transmitted at maximum performance. Beside all raw power, the Western Digital hard drive is part of the famous GreenPower eco-series, which saves a big amount of power! All hard drives are already preformatted and out of the box ready for use.
It's nice design and solid design makes it yet another eye-catcher on your table.

Further details can be also found on the Western Digital homepage.

2nd place: 5x SteelSeries 5H v2 USB + ROCCAT Taito Mousepad

It's the most important thing in every First-Person- or Tactical-Shooter: The sound. The SteelSeries 5H v2 USB comes with a huge amount of improvements of it's predecessor, the SteelSeries 5H USB. Every aspect of the headset brings focus on gaming and the importance of being able to hear your opponent clearly and precisely. In the USB- Version there is a separate 7.1 USB-sound card that additionally optimises the sound for gaming. This is pure sound made for pure gaming.

More technical details can be on the offical SteelSeries website.

One of the unique features of the ROCCAT Taito is the heat-treated nano pattern, which provides gamers the most silent and comfortable solution. Its 400 x 320mm surface with its 3,45mm thickness is convenient and cozy. The thickness also compensates for potentional minor unevenness of your desk. The rubbersized backing provides heavy grip and gives you a secure feeling. The pad will not move, even if you try moving it by pressing your palm on it. The Taito is ruggedized for high strain and it's exceptionally robust and designed for durability in every situation.

All details and reviews can be found on ROCCAT.org.

3rd place: 5x Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard provides a very solid and good workmanship. The intelligent background lightning also allows playing at night. You can also program specific actions and scripts on every Logitech G-Macro key, up to 36 total. Beside many multimedia-features, such as muting the sound, forward, backward, you can also plug-in any USB-device on a separate USB-Port. You can also enable and disable a gamer-mode, which disabled any Windows special key, such as the Windows-Key, to ensure you will never tab out of the game unexpectedly.

A full product description can be found on the official Logitech website.

4th & 5th place: ESL Premium

Even place 4 and 5 won't get nothing. Place 4 will receive 3 months of ESL Premium, place 5 will receive 2 months. ESL Premium offers you exclusive access to many leagues, no waiting time between Gathern and you can also enjoy the whole ESL platform without any advertising.

ESL Game Store

Do you have any questions or want to help Brink to become a top game on ESL? Don't waste any time and get in touch with other players.

Buy your copy of Brink today and start playing on ESL right now. You'll receive via eMail a downloadlink including your activationcode.

cH40z-Lord, Wednesday, 29/06/11 11:17
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comments (14)
nice :)
nicee long though.
maybe by selling prizes, winners could travel
investing so much money in such a shitgame?! invest in tf2 esl ;)
Its not esl funding brink but the publisher.
the prizes could be distribute to more places in the cup ^^ for example the first gets the ssd second one the hdd 3rd headset and so on :D
Nice to see that there's some initiative to keep the game alive, but it's pretty much a too little too late situation for most. Shame that initiative didn't come from developing features frequently demanded by the gamers such as first person spec and demos...

I think at best you can expect a few more teams to sign up for this and a little bit more activity in the short term, then plenty of those dropping out once again.

Definitely better than nothing at all though.
hopefully this will bring more teams! =)
nice news
I hope admins can see that the long period over wich this cup runs will make it almost impossible for teams to line-up 5 players during the holiday season. So please make this cup shorter and set it before the real holiday season starts.
it's fine as it is.
dont make holidays, play Brink^^
2 month is really a too long period... +1 @Morte
good news
Morte wrote:
I hope admins can see that the long period over wich this cup runs will make it almost impossible for teams to line-up 5 players during the holiday season. So please make this cup shorter and set it before the real holiday season starts.

holidays just start right now :<
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