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11/07 20:00We Are Programmers vs. M*A*S*Heads
11/07 20:00Rush-Zone wOoHoOdY vs. DOUSSERS
12/07 20:00We Are Programmers vs. Petter och hans fyra..
13/07 20:00mousesports BRINK vs. U Better Recall
14/07 20:00We Are Programmers vs. Made in bulgaria
14/07 20:00Never quit vs. U Better Recall
14/07 20:00Rush-Zone wOoHoOdY vs. MApN Clan
15/07 20:00Made in bulgaria vs. M*A*S*Heads
15/07 20:00Team Dignitas vs. Never quit
15/07 20:00DOUSSERS vs. MApN Clan
16/07 20:00mousesports BRINK vs. Never quit

Friday, 02/12

Brink | 17:19
Clans,Tournaments, and a free weekend on SteamAttention Brink fans! The Clans and Tournament features Bethesda previewed last month are now available. To get started, visit battle.brinkthegame.com and enter your unique access code found within the main menu for Brink (under Online Stats).

Tuesday, 29/11

Brink | 20:21
Winter Warm-Up Cup *Update*Although there is no date yet for the next patch, the upcoming Clans and Tournament update provides a opportunity for us to invite the Brink community to join our next Brink 5on5 cup.

Thursday, 17/11

Brink | 14:26
Sneak Peek: Clans and Tournaments UpdateBethesda is close to release a comprehensive update for Brink, bringing full clan support, ladders and tournaments to all versions of the game. This update is currently in the final stages of testing and will be pushed out to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC version of Brink as soon as that is complete.

Thursday, 20/10

Brink | 14:01
Autumn Cup is finished - the winners areIts getting colder, the days are getting shorter and our Autumn cup has come to an end. 8 teams made their way to the signup's and tried to reach the number one spot but only one team got it in the end.

Wednesday, 28/09

Brink | 13:13
The playoffs are finished we have a winnerFinally the playoffs from the first Brink Challenge are finished and we have a ranking with all winners included. This means also we can send out the amazing prizes for the first three ranked teams soon.

Wednesday, 21/09

Brink | 10:37
The autumn brings cash to the Brink communityA few days ago we announced the playoffs for the first Brink challenge. And now we can proudly present another big cup for the Brink community. This cup will be a double elimination season cup and the winner will receive pure cash, premium and an award.

Monday, 12/09

Brink | 22:49
The playoffs starts right now !The groupstage of the our Brink challange #1 is finished, so we can go on with the playoffs. The best two teams of each group will be seeded into the playoffs and will fight against each other for prices. We except some awesome matches and the best team will hopefully win.

Tuesday, 06/09

Brink | 11:24
Action packed Brink Final at gamescomEverybody who enjoys fast paced action had to visit the energie³ ESL Arena at gamescom. All the Brink action was located there. Over the entire gamescom all visitors could play Brink in our hall 9 and convince themselves of Brink's quality. But the highlight took place on Sunday, when Epsilon Gaming and sGs Gaming met in the Brink Championship Grand Final, where €7,000 were at stake.

Friday, 05/08

Brink | 18:12
Thrilling action with Brink at gamescomAt this year's gamescom in Cologne you will enjoy a lot of action and thrill with the gaming hit Brink. The big final of the Brink Championship endowed with €15,000 prize money will be held on Sunday, 21st of August, in the ESL Arena, Hall 9. Who will win the match between sGs Gaming and Epsilon eSports? The winner takes €7,000 prize money. Furthermore you can play Brink yourself!

Wednesday, 03/08

Brink | 14:37
Agents of Change: New DLC for BrinkFrom today the first download content for Brink is availabe via Steam. During the first two weeks of release the DLC will be completely free to play! Innovations are among others: new achievements and trophies, two brand new maps, five new player abilities, two new outfits and two new weapon attachments. Agents of Change is waiting for you!
Brink | 14:07
Videos of the Brink Championship SemifinalsLast week both semifinals of the Brink Championship took place. Four of the best European Brink teams competed against each other in two thrilling matches. A total prize money of €15,000 is waiting in the whole Brink Championship. No wonder all teams give everything to win. Both matches are now available on YouTube and at the ESL TV VoD portal.

Monday, 25/07

Brink | 18:57
Semi Finals live on ESL TVWith the ESL Brink Championship entering a decisive phase, ESL TV has prepared something special for all the supporters. Both semi-final matches will be broadcasted live in the exclusive Brink TV show featuring no other than Joe Miller. The person to join him in the studio will be mousesports' Brink player - Josh 'Josh' Lee.

Tuesday, 19/07

Brink | 15:12
Major Brink Update and Free DLC AnnouncementIn tandem with the upcoming DLC, the teams at Splash Damage and Bethesda have been hard at work on the next major title update for Brink. The update is highlighted by online optimizations, AI enhancements, and weapon balance tweaks based on player feedback. A separate, incremental update is now available on PC.

Wednesday, 06/07

Brink | 16:50
Playoff Time at Brink ChampionshipToday we present you the first round of the Brink Championship Playoffs. 32 teams have completed their groupstage matches. The top two of all eight groups advanced to the playoffs, where every group winner will meet a drawn runner-up from a different group. From now on all matches will be played in Best of 3. Without further delay, here are all the matches of Round 1, which will take place this Sunday:

Wednesday, 29/06

Brink | 11:17
European Challenge with a lot of prizes!This week, we are very proud to present a very special announcement about one of our upcoming projects. We are talking about a real challenge, the Brink European Challenge, which is a new and exclusive tournament dedicated to every Brink player in Europe!

Wednesday, 22/06

Brink | 16:35
Daily Time: Thursday 3on3 Handgun Only CupFor Thursday we have a little special planned for you. The Daily Cup will reduce your choice of weapons to pistols and revolvers, so you have to carefully aim every single shot you fire. This should add some news tactics as you don't want to get caught reloading by your opponent. If you think you and your 2 mates can handle this, don't wait any longer and sign up in our 3on3 Handgun Cup.

Tuesday, 21/06

Brink | 19:34
Daily Time: Wednesday 5on5 Competition CupOn Wednesday we are offering another Daily Cup for all interested 5on5 teams. The classic 5on5 mode, using Competition settings, is the perfect possibility to train your tactics, improve your aim and show your best teamwork. Don't let this opportunity pass and fight for the best ranks in this new Daily Cup.

Monday, 20/06

Brink | 18:02
Daily Time: Tuesday 3on3 Championship CupTomorrow, again: It's Tuesday, it's 3on3 Championship time! We have already announced a few days ago that we have big plans for everyone out there. One part of that plan are regular cups, like this. Get ready for a tournament which runs in 3on3 mode and starts already tomorrow!

Tuesday, 14/06

Brink | 21:42
Brink Championship Groups ReleasedToday we bring you the groupstage part of the Championship after serving no less than nine different qualifiers with more than 200 teams we finally have the results and we are proud to present to you the Brink Championship! The teams have been seeded based on the qualifier results and recent performances and the groups were drawn randomly with the exception of avoiding national clashes as much as possible. Without further delay, here are the groups:

Wednesday, 08/06

Brink | 21:23
Friday Nightcup 5on5 #1It's almost Friday, it's Nightcup Time and it's getting late! We have already announced our plans for June and now we are starting with the first cups. On Friday we will hold the first Brink Nightcup. The mode for the Nightcup will be 5on5 and the settings are the latest Championship Settings.
Brink | 16:10
Win an exclusive Brink artworkA few weeks ago brink was finally released. Thousands of people used the recent weeks to visit the Ark, create their own characters and join the intensive fights. To celebrate Splash Damage's shooter appropriately, we are going to raffle a huge and very limited Brink artwork. Get more information in this news and good luck!

Tuesday, 07/06

Brink | 18:34
June will be hot!Alot of fun and excitement! This is the slogan for June in the Brink section. You will get the opportunity to compete with other teams beside the Brink Championship in cups, ladders and the new VERSUS system. Just continue reading this news which will introduce our plans and upcoming events.

Friday, 27/05

Brink | 14:41
The ESL Review on BrinkTake two rivalling enemy countries, look a like soldiers without any markable differences, who don't really care about any missions objectives and just go for the kills. What's the outcome? Just another modern day shooter, of which we all have had enough in the last couple of years. But Brink is different!

Thursday, 26/05

Brink | 17:32
Change in Tournament Structure! - New Qualifier!During the past two days, over 175 teams and 900 players have been waging one battle after another to grab a slot in the €15,000 Brink Championship tournament. However regrettably there have also been some problems, issues with servers, patches, and somehow a lack of time to practise. This led us to believe there is need for a change as the current structure is no longer sufficient.

Tuesday, 24/05

Brink | 17:51
Brink Championship Rules-UpdateWe have already announced in our last news that we have decided to rework the rules, the server-settings and the map-pool that includes all the feedback we've received. In this news we want to present the enhanced rules for the Brink Championship.

Monday, 23/05

Brink | 19:26
Brink Qualifier Cup delayedDue the upcoming release in the next few hours of a new Brink PC patch we have decided to delay the whole Qualifier Cup for 1 day! Furthermore we'll also change the rules and settings after receiving a lot of feedback from you. That no one will be confused now when you have to play your matches we've included the new and updated tournament schedule plan in this news. We'll also open the signup again!
Brink | 17:25
Brink Championship Slot DistributionAs announced before the slot distribution will be based on the number of signups in your region. We have now made the calculations so read on to know how many slots your nation has.

Sunday, 22/05

Brink | 21:25
Brink Championship Qualifier - Settings & RulesThe signups are closed soon and qualification for the Brink Championship starts. Make sure to register your team during the weekend to be able to compete for 15,000 €. Here are once again a few more details about the server settings as well as some forbidden actions.

Friday, 20/05

Brink | 16:18
Episode 5 of ESL TV's Brink SpecialWelcome to our big Brink TV show series with ESL TV presenting Bethesda's new team-shooter. Enjoy the intense action and the new game feeling which Brink will offer you. All in all ESL TV will bring you five episodes of the ultimate Brink experience! In the first episode the game itself will be introduced. Don't miss out on the big kick-off of this great series.

Thursday, 19/05

Brink | 18:03
Signup status, slot distributionOnly a few more days until signups are closed and qualification for the Brink Championship starts. Make sure to register your team during the weekend to be able to compete for 15,000 €. Here are once again a few more details about the qualifiers as well as some reminders.
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