Cup Series v52 - Speed!
This cup will take place on Wednesday at 20:00 CEST, read on to find out all information. Let's have some fun with us on Blub Game!

Rules Overview

Register on the ESL
Enter your Blubgame Account Name
Click the Sign-up link!
Check-in before the cup starts!
Late Sign up: 12/09/12 19:59 CEST
Cup starts at: 12/09/12 20:00 CEST

More details about Check-In System

The TOP 3 players who have collected the most points will be rewarded!

1st Place 3 Months Premium 
2nd Place 2 Months Premium 
3rd Place 1 Month Premium 

Why Premium ?

  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Awards
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)

  •    Take part in 5, 50 or 250 cups to earn this award. It doesn't matter if you won the whole cup or are knocked out in the first round !

       Win 25, 100 or 250 cup matches, to earn this award.

       You have to reach the final win the 3rd place match to make progress towards this award. This one is not automatic yet, you need to request it.

    Hall Of Fame & Challenge Cup Award

    We are searching for Admins !

    If you think that you are up to the job, and would like to be a helping hand in your community, then please write an admin application! For more information about the requirements, check out the Admins Wanted News.

    We wish you all the best of luck and much fun in the Electronic Sports League.

    // Your Admin Team

    KaiN, Tuesday, 11/09/12 19:03
    Blub Game Open Ladder 1on1 Europe
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    I'm still waiting my award for winning Summer Cup + 3 months of premium + news?
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