The Matchmaker

Does this sound familiar? You're looking for a match on Thursday at 20:00. So you challenge at least three opponents hoping at least one match will be accepted. Sometimes you will get no match for your desired date or three at once, so you have to postpone two of them. The new Matchmaker puts an end to this. From now on you are able to search a match on a specific date!

All you have to do is to enter an appointment at the appropriate ladder for you or your team, when you want to play. The other participants of the ladder will now see that someone is looking for a match at this or that time - however, no one will see who entered the date. If one participant accepts the challenge, the match will be created immediately. It is of course a compulsory match.
This "hidden" system is necessary as some highly ranked teams sometimes get a hard time finding an opponent. We've also included another protection. Stronger and weaker opponents (relative to yourself) will be marked. The weak opponents can not be selected (to protect them), but you are able to choose a very strong opponent at your own risk!

How to create an entry?

It is very easy to create an entry for the Matchmaker, but you can only create entries for the next seven days. You can find the matchmaker on every ladder frontsite in a box (graphic) or in the league sub menue above the main frame.

On the matchmaker overviewsite you can see all entries for the next seven days, including your own. To create a new entry you just have to click on "Create new match search" on the day you want to play. Afterwards you are linked to the matchmaker settings site.

On the settings site for a new entry you can select the time on which you want to play and also the time before the entry should be automatically deleted if you don't find an opponent (e.g. if you select "5 Minutes" and create a date for 14:00, the entry will be deleted at 13:55 the same day, when no opponent accepted the entry).
You can create up to five entries for the next seven days and as soon as an entry is deleted or accepted you can create a new one.
On the matchmaker overview site you can see your own entries as well and delete them directly.

How to accept another users search?

On the matchmaker overviewsite you can easily see all open entries and by clicking on an entry you get an overview of the open searches for that time. It is possible that several players are looking for a match at the same time, because of a different skill level (elo ranking).
After clicking on a time you get forwarded to the entry selection site, where you can see more details about all the open searches for that time, but as stated above you will not see which players or teams are searching. All you can see is if the opponent is a Trusted ESL Player and the credibility of the player/team. The credibility is the sum of the ratings received from other players/teams after already played matches (the rating range goes from -- very bad behaviour to ++ very good behaviour).
You can accept the search by clicking on the picture, afterwards you have to confirm that you want the match to be created. After the confirmation the match will be generated and your opponent will be informed about the match. You can than see the opponent and match within your open matches.
When the match is generated it is compulsory, that means it can't be deleted without the agreement of both participants

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