CzechSlovakRepublic vs. Tripple N
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 Tripple N
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MatchID 24162131
Date Friday, 14/10/11 19:00
Calculated 24/10/11 00:59
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CzechSlovakRepublic wins ! (Default Win)
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comments (6)
Hey 3n! Probably we can arrange it for the 17th. Please talk with Fikus about it.

Thanks. Cya around!
Admins, is there any limit to play this match?
Match is forced on tomorrow 20/10/11 21:00
Report if opponents do not show up.
Hello Sh0t and Robbe,

I would like to inform you that 3n will quit this ESL cup.
Please Admins, put CSR in next round so we can arrange our match vs MB.
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