Most Matches Competition
Are you an active player / team here in the Battlefield Vietnam section? Every month starting in October we will be rewarding the most active players / teams through the Most Matches Competition. Check out whats the relevant ladder this month!
All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are among the top 3 most active players/teams then you will win!

Most Matches Competition - October

This month's ladder:
Time period:
- 1st - 31st October 2008

The Prizes

Most Matches Competition

   1st 3 months
   2nd 2 months
   3rd 1 month

Your Admin Team
M4cGuyv3r, Friday, 26/09/08 17:13
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Skillicious and Maniac Medics are racing with most matches, but its a long month. Rememebr that you dont have to win the match, you just have to play them.
means we can play fakematches huh?^^

btw whats up if 2 teams got the same matchnumber?
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2 teams should always have the same match number, it means they are playing each other. :)

xfire me the links
-.-' I mean the fact how many matches played. What happens when e.g. SL got 20 and Medic got 20 matches played? What counts then??
Maybe both get first. We will have to see if that happens first.
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