Final result of the Summer Cup 2012
It was a nice journey through the group stage and some fine matches in the cup play offs! Finaly we got the top 3 of this season cup 2012. Some premium prizes and the season cup award will be sent out!

Congratulations to the Top3!

Tournament Overview

8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 - Prizes
    The winning team of the 8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 will receive the exclusive Summer Cup Award!

    Of course we will give out ESL Premium for the top 3:

    8 x 3 months premium for the Winning Team!
    8 x 2 months premium for 2nd place.
    8 x 1 month premium for 3rd place.

Your Admin Team

Coci, Sunday, 23/09/12 19:48
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Who cares?
IS there a way to watch tournamets in BF3 like in Starcraft 2?
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