Fair Play - Rules update with the latest DLC
The new DLC Closed Quarters will come out soon. Some of you already got the chance to play the weapons of the DLC. To offer you fair play in our section we have to update our weapon restrictions. The M26 glitch is fixed so we remove the restriction. Read the news to get known the latest rule changes. The rule changes already live, the upcoming Go4BF3 Cup will be played with the updated rules.

Remember that also the use of the M320 smoke and M320 buck is still allowed in all game modes! The standard version of the M320 is only restricted in 4on4 Squad Rush and 5on5 Infantry.

5on5 Infantry/4on4 Squad Rush/8on8 Conquest - Rules
    5.3. Perks/Unlock /Weapon Restrictions
    These perks or items are not allowed to be used:
    MAV drone
    spawn beacon
    M320 (only standard version forbidden, M320 buck and smoke are still allowed) M320 is allowed in 8on8 Conquest

    For all Cups and Ladders we will ban the following attachments for infantry weapons:

    IRNV Scope
    Tactical Light (including pistols with tactical light)

    The use of the following weapons is not allowed:

    AUG A3

    If your opponent has used this unlocks in the match. Just make a screenshot of the kill message, showing your enemy using it. And open a proest to find a solution. The use of not allowed unlocks will be punished with 1 Penalty Point for the player and his team! The use of unlocks may lead into a default win for the opponent team in tournaments/cups. In ladder matches the use of unallowed perks/weapons will lead into a match delete, if the winning team has used it.

Your Admin Team
Coci, Tuesday, 05/06/12 21:47
Updated 4on4 Squad Rush/5on5 Infantry Rules
Updated 8on8 Conquest Rules
comments (6)
What about m320 LVG??
good and fast step, really unexpected tbh :D
These rules also apply in the versus games, right?
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LeonardoMiguzzi wrote:
These rules also apply in the versus games, right?

Nope its only Ladder. If it would be in Versus it would stand in the rulebox in versus
Versus is 5on5 Infantry my friend, that mean this rules appeal to it. I guess rulebox will be updated soon.
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