Squad Rush 4on4 Spring Cup - results
The spring months are over and so the 4on4 Squad Rush Spring Cup came to an end.
Now it is time to announce the winners! Check out this news to see the prizes and winning teams.

The Spring Cup was full of great matches. Paranoia E-Sports lost the match against Eyeballers in the winner bracket, but they came back after winning the loserbracket finale.
Eyeballers was just stronger in the Spring Cup and won the finals.
Congratz with your prize: 3 months premium for 4 of your players.

Next season is just around the corner, so check back later for more Season Cups.

Congratulations to the Top 3!


4on4 Squad Rush Spring Cup - Prizes
    The winning team of the 4on4 Squad Rush Spring Cup will receive the exclusive Spring Cup Award!

    Of course we will give out ESL Premium for the top 3:

    4 x 3 months premium for the Winning Team!
    4 x 2 months premium for 2nd place.
    4 x 1 month premium for 3rd place.

Your Admin Team

crazybas, Thursday, 17/05/12 10:11
The Spring Cup 2012
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Is it worth scheduling your time to play these cup matches for just 3 months premium?
Make some real prizes, i think ESL isnt that poor community that you cant make like 1#300€ 2#150€ 3#75€.... Some stupid blub game had a cup that lasted an hour and it had the same prize as spring cup in bf3
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To give away Premium for Cup Winning Teams dont cost Esl Real Money just their own Premium.

But nice how much Teams played this Cup gz :)
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