Go4BF3 #20 - 23rd April
The ESL page is up again and running. We think this Go4BF3 Cup will run smoothly this time. So join up and fight for 100€! Again we play on 2 evenings, so enough time for every 8on8 team to get the matches done without being stressed.

Sign up!

8on8 Conquest Go4BF3 Cup #20 - Rules
  • match media: scoreboard screenshot of each round
  • all unlocks allowed besides: IRNV and tactical light as an attachment or with pistols are forbidden
  • MAV drone, spawn beacon are _not_ allowed to use
  • M26 + Underslung perks in combination is forbidden
  • map size: small conquest maps
  • GGC Streaming: mandatory
  • Wire Anti-Cheat: Mandatory! You can see the ESL Wire logs in your match sheet.

  • You can find the Cup Rules HERE.

8on8 Conquest Go4BF3 Cup #20 - Match Days/Dates
    The upcoming rounds:
  • 23/04/12 - 19:30 CET - Check-in Phase/Late Sign up at 19:40 CET
  • 23/04/12 - 20:00 CET - Seine Crossing
  • 23/04/12 - 21:00 CET - Grand Bazaar
  • 23/04/12 - 22:00 CET - Kharg Island
  • 24/04/12 - 20:00 CET - Tehran Highway
  • 24/04/12 - 21:00 CET - Damavand Peak

Go4BF3 #20

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 19:30 - 19:40 CET)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
Sign up until 19:40 CET
Date: Monday, 23rd April
Start of 1st round: 20:00 CET
Size: 32 teams
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: 8on8 Conquest map pool
Teamsize: 8on8
Mode: Best of One

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your BF3 Nick Name
Enter a contact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

See the cup information page for more details

Upcoming Cups


    23.04.2012 19:30 CET (Check-in) - Go4BF3 #20 €100
    30.04.2012 19:30 CET (Check-in) - Go4BF3 #21 €100

    xx.05.2012 19:30 CET (Check-in) - Go4BF3 #xx - Monthly Finals €500

How can I play in Go4BF3?

All you need to play in Go4BF3 cups is a clan or team to play with and an ESL player account. Click here to learn how to register and create an ESL team account.

I am ready, let's go!

You created a team and all members joined? Then sign up for the 8on8 Conquest Go4Bf3 Cup right now! Go4BF3 #20 Cup will be played on Monday the 23rd April and Tuesday the 24th April.

Your Admin Team

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