VERSUS rules update: Weapon restrictions
This news is late and should have been done some time ago. We apologize for the resulting confusions it caused, but from today on there shouldnt be any more confusion. From today on, following weapons are restricted for all VERSUS matches: No IRNV, no Flashlight, no m320 grenade launcher, no spawn beacon, no MAV.
This rules have been "common sense" for all ladder/league players, but remember, VERSUS isn't a ladder and has it's own rules. Only the rules showing in VERSUS are relevant for VS matches.

Therefore we don't use "ladder rules" for VERSUS, but we're changing the VERSUS rules: You should not use the IRNV (infantry), the flashlight, the m320 grenade launcher, the spawn beacon or the MAV.

VERSUS is about playing organized matches, with as as less hazzle, overhead and rules as possible. The rules are a "gentlemen agreement" for all players to play. Matches won't be deleted if a player uses a "bad weapon". If a player ignores the rules, you have to continue with the match and report the player afterwards. With too many reports, a player will be banned from VERSUS quite fast.

The mappool have been changed some days ago, now with more non-B2K maps. Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Damavand Peak, Grand Bazaar, Seine Crossing, Tehran Highway. But as the vast majority of all players owns Back2Karkand, we will keep those in the mappool. For upcoming DLC/maps things will be different, for sure.

Another big topic is ESL Wire. It's a double-edged sword. VERSUS should be easy to jump-in, for new players and those who don't have any league experience. Using ESL Wire is pretty easy for sure, but installing an additional tool would distract some players. On the other hand, if cheating goes totally out of control in VERSUS, we will make it obligatory, for sure. For now, you should report players for obvious cheating.

Most important: Don't let the small-minded-people let destroy the fun of playing BF3 VERSUS matches. Ignore them, report them, play the next match.

Have fun!
Thefly, Monday, 13/02/12 17:26
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If cheating goes totally out of control in VERSUS, we will make it obligatory, for sure.
iOio wrote:
If cheating goes totally out of control in VERSUS, we will make it obligatory, for sure.

y caus there is not a cheater in 6 out of 10 versus matches.. they will wait untill it's 9 out of 10 i suppose ;)

what i don't get is that the gaymore gets to stay.. that doesn't make much sence AT ALL.
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Sharqi on mappool!!
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For now, you should report players for obvious cheating.

JOKE? where is my reports ^^
ESL WIRE is useless ......
Its even worst than shity PunkBuster...

so don't be ridiculous about talking ESL Wire in VS......
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wire was the best anticeaht tool for cs tbh...
and forbid claymores too plz
WHY NO METRO???????? cant believe it :/
nice rulez
Gulf of Oman, how utterly retarded. Good job. And good to see Metro in the mappool...
I suppose, that restrict m320, MAV to use at all. Maybe some server configuration..?

Like !mode infantry (will restart server as conquest but restrict some weapons).

P.S. Is it allowed to kick/ban player from server if he still keep using m320 or other restrict items and what next: no result or lose for team where was this nab ?
Wee :) thanks esl - great job
Awh rules are fine.

But removal of Shaqi & No adding of metro?
get gulf of oman out of that map pool...
should be allowed to modify the servers to, for instance, autoslay people who use restricted weapons!. ESL Wire is not working proberly, and Quote "useless". Metro is one of the most visited maps and very popular... shame its removed from mappool!!!

And also.. Your reportsystem is also failing to the max! NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, is doing anything about these reports, since we keep seeing the same newbs with the same cheats, same nicks, and same tags... So it feels like a complete waste of time to report those motherf¤#%&"s!!!
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Thanks ESL.
In the maps where there are the Jeeps, can you use them?
It would have been nice to make this clear to everyone, because not all agree on not using them.
r we going to get "banned by wire" names list like we used to get in the old cs/s times?
Go pub for metro...
is smaw allowed?
Blackzor you go public xD ! METRO
RPG allowed... so stupid!
In infantry mode m320 not but RPG is OK?
Where logic is there?

Don't allow RPG & claymors & C4...
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