8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012
It's time to give you a big 8on8 Summer Tournament! This season it's time for a small group stage followed by playoffs. Nice premium keys are waiting for the winners. Gather up your mates to have fun with the 8on8 Conquest game mode. Sign ups are live until the 4th July. We play 1 match per week with flexible match dates for both opponents.

The tournament will start with a group stage! The top 2 teams of each group will be set into the play offs, a single elimination tournament. Check out the news to get the important information about match dates, rules and prizes!

8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 - Rules
  • match media: scoreboard screenshot of each round
  • all unlocks allowed besides: IRNV and tactical light as an attachment or with pistols are forbidden
  • MAV drone, spawn beacon and all new Closed Quarters Weapons are _not_ allowed to use
  • map size: small conquest maps
  • GGC Streaming: mandatory
  • Wire Anti-Cheat: Mandatory! You can see the ESL Wire logs in your match sheet.

  • You can find the Cup Rules HERE.

8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 - Dates and Sign up
    End of the Sign up Phase at 20:00 CET on the 4th of July!

    The upcoming rounds:
  • 08/07/12 - 15/07/12: Seine Crossing
  • 15/07/12 - 22/07/12: Tehran Highway
  • 22/07/12 - 29/07/12: Kharg Island
  • 29/07/12 - 05/08/12: Grand Bazaar
  • 05/08/12 - 12/08/12: Frist Round Play Offs

  • Sign up here!

8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 - Prizes
    The winning team of the 8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012 will receive the exclusive Summer Cup Award!

    Of course we will give out ESL Premium for the top 3:

    8 x 3 months premium for the Winning Team!
    8 x 2 months premium for 2nd place.
    8 x 1 month premium for 3rd place.

Your Admin Team

Coci, Tuesday, 19/06/12 11:25
Sign up for the 8on8 Conquest Summer Cup 2012!!!
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Fix pls Sign-up link!
A non Go4/nightcup coming so late im not even interested anymore. lol
Wow nice prize money.
Zennappi wrote:
Wow nice prize money.

you play rly for money in bf3?
ESL lamest prizes of all time
Must win this .jpg gogo
Letsrock wrote:
Zennappi wrote:
Wow nice prize money.

you play rly for money in bf3?

No but I would expect ESL cup give at least 100€ for winner team.
lol srsly since when there was prize money for some random online cup... 'yes pay me thousand uros i will play this shitty game!'
Yes prizes matter to some
but shouldnt we just be grateful that esl has taken the time to set anything up for us?
Tbh either put up a good prize or nothing at all. Just save it up till you can make something big...
EA and Virgin Gaming have announced the $1.6 million Battlefield 3 "Worldwide Conquest" tournament set for 2012.

Och... ??!!
Lie lie lie...
5vs5 infantry? It will be failed without infantry cup!
ClanBase thought about this!

CB: BF3 Conquest 8vs8 Summer 2012

CB: BF3 Infantry 5vs5 Summer 2012
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