5on5 Night Cup #12 - 13th May
In order to give you some practice for the upcoming pro event for our 5on5 Infantry community we send out the next 5on5 Infantry Night Cup! Join up with your mates, eta less than one month! On the Sunday the 13th May we start with the cup.

5on5 Infantry Night Cup Series - Rules
  • Game Mode: Conquest
  • Map Size: Small Conquest
  • Team Size: 5on5
  • Match Procedure: one round on each side
  • Tournament Mode: Single Elimination
  • Match Procedure: Changeover after each round
  • Tickets: 200-250 (default value on each map)
  • Result: tickets that are left for the winning will count in both rounds
  • Match Media: both scoreboard screenshots
  • unlocks: no IRNV scope, no tactical light attachement, no pistols with tactical light, no MAV drone, no M320 (frag grenade) and M26 in combination with Underslung
  • vehicles: off

  • You can find the Cup Rules HERE.

5on5 Infantry Night Cup #15 - Maps and Sign Up!
    The match dates are FORCED! That means you can just play the first cup round of one match day earlier than the match date, but not LATER! Nor are you able to play later in the middle of the cup. The upcoming rounds:
  • 13/05/12 - 17:30 CET - Check-in Phase/Late Sign up at 17:40 CET
  • 13/05/12 - 18:00 CET - Operation Métro
  • 13/05/12 - 19:00 CET - Grand Bazaar
  • 13/05/12 - 20:00 CET - Operation Métro
  • 13/05/12 - 21:00 CET - Damavand Peak
  • 13/05/12 - 22:00 CET - Sharqi Peninsula #2

  • Sign up here!

Your Admin Team

Coci, Thursday, 10/05/12 22:01
Sign up for the Night Cup #13
comments (11)
18:00 ... to early
it's sunday, free day for everyone :p
Yes but that is eating time in holland :)
*RAAAAAAAAAGE* You made my day BlackwolfNL *g*
"In order to give you some practice for the upcoming pro event for our 5on5 Infantry community"

? :)
Like blackwolf said its way to early for a sunday!
RAGE *_*
OP Metro bazzar OP Metro Damavand Sharqi?
So active this 5v5.
sooner or later the go4 cup will be 5v5, too ;)
Zennappi wrote:
So active this 5v5.

I mean dude, its 18:00, i have to shower at this time, what the F' is ESL thinking ? /irony
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