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Welcome the ESL Battlefield 3 forum!

In order to promote a healthy community we ask everyone to respect the following rules.

English only

This is an international section, therefore the posting language is English. Posts in other languages will be deleted.


A friendly community is a good community.

Posts that contribute to a negative forum atmosphere may be deleted by moderators. Deleted posts should be considered a warning. Repeatedly contributing to a negative forum atmospher will be considered bad behaviour.


Bad behaviour in the forum will be punished with bans from posting on the ESL website.

Bad behaviour includes but is not limited to flaming, insults, abusive, threats etc.


To garante a friendly and seriouse forum community, the following rules have to be followed:

* Threats, offenses, personal attacks, trolling (aspersions used to sensible threads with the aim to force a conflict) and flame wars are not allowed/tolerated. If you got attacked in such a way should not reply but contact an admin or the support: http://www.esl.eu/eu/bf3/support/

* CAPITALISATION is used in the forum, an email or an instant messanger as scream and according to this its sense is unfriendly for many people. Keep that in mind.

* Private problems should be solved outside of the forum and the esl.

* Personal discriminations threads about a person who was busted e.g. won't be tolerated and deleted. Keep in mind that also cheating people are humans.

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