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So guys,

i installed bf2142 yesterday. I did not play it for 1 year i guess. But then my mates wanted to play it, and of course i really liked this game a lot.


installed it, installed the patch 1,40 -> 1,50 -> 1,51

Then i went ingame and after one minute of playing i had terrible laggs.
Ping was 20, always! ( DSL 16000 Lan )

Considered whether it was my pc:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.16Ghz

But i dont think that this is the Problem.
Of course i wanted to solve this problem by looking it up in google, but all i found was things like i should go to my bf registry and change the update file to 1,40 and reinstall the patch, or that i should delete my cache files.
Or that i shell update Punkbuster.
i did everything above, but i did not help me at all.

So im really frustratedemoticon-sad

If u need forther informations, just write!
I really hope someone is writing here, cause i think bf2142 hasnt been played long time in esl.


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2142 just became a laggy game, people dont refresh the servers and then lags will arise,

just try to find a few good servers, MG, NLB and Chaos are good
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An-Core wrote:


Haha ye right... emoticon-grin
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they refresh the server, the players however..... emoticon-tongue
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