Admins wanted for Battlefield 3!
The most epic game this year is coming! Clanwars and a lot of competition are waiting for us, but who can coordinate this? The Admin Team. But the Admin Team needs you! So join uns! Help us and enjoy the job as an admin for the Battlefield 3 section.
Let's have a look on the requierments you should pass, the duties and chances you will face.

Do/Are you ... ?

*want to help the community for Battlefield 3 to get one of the biggest and best communities in eSports?

*having fun with Battlefield 3 and being interested in the game and its community?

*have enough mental power and motivation to do a responsible job for our community?

*able to tell your opinion and views active and on a useful way?

Your upcoming duties:

*giving help in support tickets and protests
*checking matches
*checking league joins
*discussing with the admin teams, finding solutions
*forming the Battlefield 3 section on ESL

We want you!

If you think you are able to do this job, and if you are really motivated to help the community try to fill the open slot in our Admin Team. Just apply on the application center to be a new Battlefield 3 admin in the following link:

Apply here!

Best Regards and Good Luck!

Your Admin Team
Coci, Saturday, 17/09/11 02:00
Admin Application Center
The Battlefield 3 Section
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The game will fail @ competitive anyway.
Iceman wrote:
The game will fail @ competitive anyway.

Iceman wrote:
The game will fail @ competitive anyway.

maybe not..
German BF3 Interview wrote:
Die ESL setzt große Hoffnungen in Battlefield 3, welches laut DICE E-Sports tauglich sein wird...
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Hahah, ja klar, was DICE schon so alles hat verlauten lassen oder versprochen hat...

edit: Hahah, yea sure, DICE proclaimed and promised us a lot in the past...

(sry, forgot it's the EU section)
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hmmmm i thought "Iceman" was gonna do a comeback in BF3 i found this video on the net, youtube, from an interview of "Iceman" about what he will do with ppl in BF3..

Viewers discretion! PG 18+


Iceman dont kill me in BF3 im nice person ;(
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