Sweden - BF2 2009 vs. Germany - BF2 2009
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 Sweden - BF2 2009
 Germany - BF2 2009
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MatchID 15356502
Date Monday, 21/09/09 20:00
Calculated 23/09/09 22:30
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Mashtuur City (16) 287 : 87
Sharqi Peninsula (16) 266 : 123
Sweden - BF2 2009 wins !
Points +3 : 0
Germany - BF2 2009





Sweden - BF2 2009





comments (45)
hi swe :pPPPpPPpp
gg wp
woho gl ;pPPp
easy bash
[17:00] Puffy|HFD: drecks commentban
[17:00] Puffy|HFD: ich bin der einzige der 2 wochen bekommen hat
[17:00] RAPTOR WHiT9RNATi9N.: wo soll ich schrieben!
[17:00] Puffy|HFD: in schweden match
[17:01] Puffy|HFD: hf
[17:01] Puffy|HFD: best reg will win
I think that message from Puffy shows where the intelligence to get banned came from.

<3 Raven
[14:10] Puffy|HFD: schreib ma bitte in schweden match rein von mir
[14:11] Puffy|HFD: fuck you owned me, but if you loose, please dont open support because of cheating, an hope to see your team @ Clanbase-cup =)
[14:11] Puffy|HFD: and*
perhaps a stream is possible, rushtv? would be nice
♥ Tiger ♥

We will stream it. Looks like we sorted all the problems we had. Looking forward to the match. Just like allways, both teams confirm the stream and send me the serverdetails on xfire(hawkmarco)pls.
Is there an idea for a day allready?

Greez Hawk
we will probably be albe to play at thursday about 20.30-21.00 cet, but i'm not quite sure yet. I'll get in touch with you when i know for sure :)
thursday isnt good for us. sunday would be good.
This game must be streaming!!!two countries who have unbelievable reg,it was very hot battle ;)GL both team!
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This game must be streaming!!!two countries who have unbelievable reg,it was very hot battle ;)GL both team!
ger: ich kann net spielen :> mein pc is putt

eng: i cant play :> my pc is down

swe: I cant play:> min dator är nere
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we can play monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday.. but we are not able to play sunday

Organize your conquest match TOO, not only this inf shiat ;p
Coci go to the correct thread please and let us manage our inf match.

When can you play Germany?
already talked to etsa @ tiger :P ty anyway
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gogog Ger :)
When will the match be?
It looks like the match will be played on tuesday next week
well actually i wrote u yesterday on irc that we can also play TODAY night
Last day for this match to be played is Monday 28th
if you can play tonight, we'll play tonight :)
i've talked to whit9r and we will play at 21.00 cet TONIGHT :)
yo right
RUSHTV will be streaming this game live dont miss it !!!

direct link

RushTV Crew
geno verkacks net!
gg mashtuur was epic fail i guess :)
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gg wp
gg wp :)
gg and wp!
Hartz 4
nein boxschul lehrer, 800 euro im monat.
nebenbei ja das stimmt ;) ohhhh hartz 4 is auch wieder da hi raven
rap rap
scha.de ger.
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