System reboot! *update*
It's really sad, but we have to announce, that the 2on2 CTF ladder will be closed in the next days. In the future we will focus 2on2 cups and premierships, which will replace the ladder. Another important step is the reboot of the 3on3+ ladder in a very very different way.

*** Update ***

The 2on2 ladder close / 3on3+ ladder restart is delayed.
The ladder will maybe restarted tomorrow or next week (next week is more realistic).

2on2 ladder close

We already mentioned in the last news, that the activity is kinda low in the whole section.
The activity in the 2on2 ladder is on the "cap", that's the reason,why we the admin team decided to drop the ladder.

The 2on2 ladder will be dropped in the next days / week (the planned day is monday), so you can finish your opened matches on the weekend.

But! 2on2 isn't dead at all ;)
The ladder will be replaced with cups and premierships (mix between ladder and cup).
There will be a cup every 2 weeks and it's up to you, to decide the cup concept everytime!
We will open a special thread in the forum and you can propose cups, after we gathered 3 ideas, we will start a vote via poll.

The idea with the most votes is the concept for the next cup

The winner of ladder will be announced on another news, which will be hopefully released on monday.

We really hope, that this step is increasing the activity of the 3on3+ ladder, since you have more time to spend on playing 3on3+.

2on2 ladder stats:

The ladder was created:

Top 3 maps since ladder start:
Mustafar: 171 times played
Coruscant: 153 times played
Tantive IV: 67 times played

Played matches since ladder start:
235 normal matches
12 matches via matchmaker

Congratulations to the most active teams, since ladder start!

3on3+ ladder reloaded

The activity on the 3on3+ ladder isn't well too, so we decided to restart the ladder, with a new concept:

- a new rule --> the ladder will be more interesting on the top ranks
- new league settings
- less rules
- changed map pool

We can't announce details yet, because we have to wait, since the new rule is "a bit different" compared to normal rules ;)

1on1 ladder changes

Spawn protection
We started a poll about the spawn protection, it's up to you, to decide if we should keep 0 seconds or 1 second in the future.

You can vote right


Your Admin Team
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oh yeah :D
when will the 3on3 ladder be resetted?
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soon ScrunK..soon
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new 3v3 mappool. if they bring back the old mappool, this is the best news ever.
English comments only, thanks.
bitch please~
John aka frozeN wrote:
new 3v3 mappool. if they bring back the old mappool, this is the best news ever.

true story. ;)
sounds nice at all ;)
yep :)
agree with my Mate Finish :)
and hope that your innuendo with the mappool come true John :)
Why is it delayed? Nearly nobody still plays matches because we're waiting for the restart :/
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