4on4+ ladder close
In the last months the activity of the 4on4 ladder was decreasing constantly. That's the reason why we decided to close the ladder. But there is no reason to be sad, because we are going to open a 3on3+ ladder to replace the old ladder. In the following news we are going to present you a lot of statistics and information regarding the 4on4 ladder.

4on4 ladder close

It's really sad, but we have to close the 4on4+ mixed ladder in the next days (monday / tuesday) due the low acitivity in the last months. An the moment the activity on 0.3 matches per day league statistics But don't worry, we will open another ladder to replace the 4on4+ ladder. We're really sorry for that, but we have to close the ladder with such a low activity over months.

Results - 4on4 mixed ladder
4on4 mixed ladder winner
why so serious
Aquila Gaming

Congratulations to the winner of the ladder!

4on4 ladder statistics

Since the ladder is ending soon, we can present the statistics to you.

Game mode
In the following graph, you can see how much which game mode was played since the start of the 4on4+ ladder:

630 matches we're played since the ladder start in 14.09.2010!

Most active teams
Place nr. 1: The Unknown Warriors Team 1 .old II
Place nr. 2: why so serious swbf2
Place nr. 3: Legend

Played matches
In 2011 you played 316 matches in the 4on4+ mixed ladder!

Closed tickets/protests in 2011 (in the 4on4 ladder):
(~37,5% of all 4on4+ matches ended up in a protest or ticket)

Matches per day in 2011 (average):
~1,35 matches per day

3on3+ mixed ladder

In the next days we will start a new 3on3+ mixed ladder, so you will be able to play 4on4 again.
At the moment we're discussing the settings in the player council.

Your Admin Team
REtender, Friday, 19/08/11 21:43
4on4 mixed ladder statistics
comments (39)
bcs its a summer time.. no1 will play during the holiday -.-
summer holidays?
doesnt matter, i wait for the 3on3+ ladder =)
Enten played over 60 matches, Surely there 1st or 2nd :S
SanctuarY wrote:
Fusion wrote:
Enten played over 60 matches, Surely there 1st or 2nd :S



If everyone would have accept our challenges we would have about 200 matches^^
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Fusion wrote:
Surely there 1st or 2nd :S

Either one
Hm im gonna recheck the "most active team statistic" in 1 hour.
At the moment i cant check the database ;/
3on3+ will help to increase the activity, so dont rage. starrie and destroyer, thought u dont play the game anymore? but i appreciate that ur checking the swbf2 section every 10 mins and post <3
then go and create some 4on4 cups in the next months :/
I don't like that news ! Very bad :-( !
I think the 3on3+ Ladder is a good idea, since it is still possible to play 4on4 for the guys who want to^^
And i think there will be a lot more teams, cause the size doesnt have to be that great.
Will there be a new amount of player?
Maybe 6 or 8, if there will be more, there wont be enough teams =/
SanctuarY wrote:
I think the 3on3+ Ladder is a good idea, since it is still possible to play 4on4

I think 4on4 or maybe 5on5 is a rare Mode in this new 3on3+ Ladder, but I also hope that there are enough Possibilities to play more like a 3on3 and I also hope that the Playerlimit is off in that new Ladder, that would be better to play many matches everytime
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yeah, finally a good news here (:

well done admins - go on retarder, destroy the next game (:
"winner of the ladder" :D:D:D
hav0KK wrote:
"winner of the ladder" :D:D:D

ur team lost vs em. mad bro?
u mad?
I love Givil <3
ok sur ur the man :'D
i know. jelly? :s
my idea :)
REtender wrote:
we're discussing the settings in the player council

Mhm, joke?

4on4 ladder killed without trying the ideas out presented (by council) to improve it first...
mmm 3on3+ was a pretty cool ladder and 4on4+ was dead eventho during holidays but it wasnt that active before either so... right decicion in my opinion ;)
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Zeph wrote:

4on4 ladder killed without trying the ideas out presented (by council) to improve it first...

i have to agree. sad..
@Zeph i already said something about that in the player council board, if we propose option a and b and you talk about c, you should know that your doing something wrong ;)
close the swbf2 esl section already D:!
LeoN wrote:
close the swbf2 esl section already D:!

delete some accounts,pls..........
oho nice comment Mr.Co-MLA :D
same shit as every year sorry but true!!!

not long time ago 5on5 ladder (and old 3on3 ladder) were closed because too less matches are played and the coool 4on4 ladder was opened.... now this ladder is closed too^^

so next year just close the 3on3+ ladder and open a 2on2+ ladder this will help to increase the activity.. i am sure ^^^^ ;-)

It is Summer i am out now bye bye

(or play a bit Call of Duty =D )
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the activity of the 3on3 will be high and decrease very soon until you close the whole section..we've reached a deadline people are talking about since 2 years.

btw it's summer holidays so why just didn't you wait until holidays are over...
its been decreasing for months now so stop complaining...
swbf2 is gonna be a dead game in a couple years, unless u get the 1.0 players to play 1.1. THAT would increase the activity...
a.Q| LekktrozZ: [19:45] Taris: muss kurz esl 2on2
[19:45] a.Q| nYZ': vs?
[19:45] Taris: unique
[19:45] a.Q| nYZ': mit wem machste?
[19:45] a.Q| nYZ': warum spielt ihr denn alle gegen die?
[19:45] a.Q| nYZ': omg
[19:46] a.Q| nYZ': lehnt mal ab
[19:46] a.Q| nYZ': die spielen nur gegen schlechte,d amit die ihren streak kriegen
[19:46] a.Q| nYZ': lehnen egegn alle ab
[19:46] Taris: ja und wir sind die letzten gegn die sie spielen... fake-team :D
[19:46] a.Q| nYZ': hö?
[19:47] Taris: team für dieses match erstellt und dann wirds gelöscht :D
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