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Hi All,
to all those looking for a clan
we, the Daddeln-Fingersports clan, short [DF], we are a multi-gaming clan has existed since 2005.
We are looking for new players, or even an entire team, our goal is to revitalize the SWBF2 Ladder and emboss.
More info about our clan, and make yourself at home, a pleasant conversation with us in ourTeamspeak.

We can offer you the following:

+ Clan cohesion (Since 2005)
+ Fun playing together
+ Internal Cups
+ Own, powerful RootServer
+ Homepage
+ TeamSpeak 2 / 3

We expect:

- Members from 16 years (there are exceptions),
- A working headset with Teamspeak 2 / 3, with the current version.
- Players with Teamplay
- Players take on the responsibility and time
- No Faker
- Whether or rounder Light company, everyone has a chance
- Communicative Players
- Active player
- Sympathetic Players
- Reliable Players
- Skill from low, it is not a Pro fallen from the sky.
who disagrees is not even need to register

You can connect through Xfire with us, or going to Link: www.daddeln-fingersports.de, via Join Us....

[DF] Bob - lgtbob
[DF] RyanAir - ryanair
[DF] Snorre - mrgordongekko

Yours sincerely,

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