Premiership split
The first half of the premiership is done, finally!
In this news we will list each finalist from each group.
Moreover we annouce to you the loser bracket, in which the 3rd and 4th placed team will join.

Winners of the Premiership Group stage

Fist of all you see here the team, which "won" the group stage of the Premiership:

Group A:


insert rdm name here  

Group B:

Aquila Gaming


Group C:

The Unknown Warriors #1


Group D:



Congratulations to all those teams! You did a great job!
A detailed version of how many points each team achieved can be found here: Click

To avoid complaints about the first and secound place of Group B, here is a litte explanation, how we handled the ranking:
All top three of this Group got the same scoring (6). Although "Naturburschen" is listed as place 1, they got the worst win-loss statistics (3:2=1,5) in this group.
That's why Aquila Gaming has become rank 1 (4:1=4) and Team7LIVES rank 2 (4:2=2).

Winner/Loser Bracket

As you may see when you go to "Team" in the gamenavigator, two "Cups" have been created.
The first one "3on3 Premiership Finals" will be seated with all teams from the first part of the Premiership, which are ranked with the first or second place.
The teams achieving the top three will be added to the Hall of Fame.
Due to the fact that many teams wished a loser bracket, we decided to do so and opened the "3on3 Premiership Loser Bracket".
Every team, which is not listed above will be seated in there. They will also fight for the win as well, but will not added to the Hall of Fame. The only reward will be honour and to be the best of their cup.


Here you see a table with the upcoming playdates of both Premiership Cups:

Premiership 2nd half
Round Time
Round 1 14.05.11 20:00 (utc +1)
Round 2 21.05.11 20:00 (utc +1)
Round 3 28.05.11 20:00 (utc +1)

As before you are allowed to move you matchdate +- one day!

"Good luck and have fun" to all participants of the Premiership!

Your Admin Team
Cruel, Wednesday, 11/05/11 22:42
comments (3)
Congratulation to the Winners of each group. I am gladly awaiting the winner of the whole premiership.
Thanks for the looser brackets admins :D so we dont have to watch the other teams.
Ty for the looser-bracket ;)
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