The Kamino Freaks vs. insert rdm name here
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 The Kamino Freaks
 insert rdm name here
Status: closed
MatchID 22349970
Date Saturday, 30/04/11 20:00
Calculated 01/05/11 20:15
thirdmap CTF: Coruscant
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CTF: Coruscant 0 : 1
CTF: Coruscant 0 : 1
insert rdm name here wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
The Kamino Freaks



comments (11)
lets play sunday arround 20h?
yes, let's play sunday 20:00 o'clock.
yes, let's play sunday at 20.00
yes, sur isen´t cool
eaqLe. wrote:
With all his mistakes, eagle still is far better than you will ever be.
trololol u jelly?
we cant play sryyyy defwin goes to uef hf in the next round :)
(mainly we are sorry for our thousands of fans which were looking forward to see our 1337 skills in action)
greets <33
Default win given.
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OMFG n1 -.-
Why can't there be a Default draw?
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