New 3on3+ Ladder!
In the last news we told you that a 3on3+ ladder will replace the old 4on4+ ladder. In the following we are going to present you all the settings and information regarding the new ladder. We hope that this ladder will be active and we wish every player a lot of fun and luck!

Mixed 3on3+ Ladder

Ready,steady, go! Today we are going to start the 3on3+ ladder. We tried to design a ladder which offers you variety and a lot of fun. Furthermore we will also have faster matches which will lead to a higher activity. We had no other choice and hope that the 3on3 ladder will have a lot of teams to keep the section alive. You can read every kind of settings in the following tables below.

Capture the Flag settings
Gametype Capture The Flag
General BO3
Settings Flag Limit 3/3
Time Limit 10 min
Spawn Invincibility 2 sec

Conquest settings
Gametype Conquest
General BO3
Settings 150 tickets ingame -> 100 in the server manager
No timer
Spawn Invincibility 0 sec

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Important note:
We changed the Match abort setting from yes to no, that means that you can't deleted a match!


We deleted a few maps of the old 4on4+ mappool because we considered as inappropriate for the 3on3 gameplay or because they weren't played a lot in the old ladder. The new mappool will be composed of this 11 maps:

Con: Dagobah
Con: Mustafar
Con: Tantive IV
CTF: Coruscant
CTF: Deathstar
CTF: Endor
CTF: Jabbas Palace
CTF: Kamino
CTF: Mos Eisley
CTF: Mustafar
CTF: Tantive IV

Special new rule

If both teams got more than 7 active and inactive team member, you have to play 4on4. This is made to keep alive also the 4on4 gameplay, so if you have enough member you can still play 4on4. If you are less then 7 you are allowed to play 3on3. We will test this rule in the next weeks and will also open a feedback thread where you can tell us your opinion.

Your Admin Team
Givil, Tuesday, 23/08/11 13:25
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#1 as always
[Immortal] back in the ladder! :)
nice news
"Special new rule"
are u so serious? if only 3 player of both team are online but each team got more than 7 player they couldn't play .. 3on3 ladder wtf?
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no space? :(
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agree with naru oO thats strange..
exept of that its okay, but WHY NOT MOS EISLEY CON =(
SanctuarY wrote:
agree with naru oO thats strange..
exept of that its okay, but WHY NOT MOS EISLEY CON =(

lol. mos is too large map
naaah, it would be fun, at least they could do it for 4on4 mappool.. so that we can play mos if we have to play 4on4. would that be a solution which everyone likes?
Zarock wrote:
[Immortal] back in the ladder! :)

noone cares zarock. deal with it
s u R wrote:
noone cares zarock. deal with it

Which Noone cares? Is it Peter? http://ohinternet.com/Peter_Noone
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s u R wrote:
Zarock wrote:
[Immortal] back in the ladder! :)

noone cares zarock. deal with it

Hold on I'm searching for a fuck to give
Hiiii naa :D

ph'inxX wrote:
same shit as every year sorry but true!!!

not long time ago 5on5 ladder (and old 3on3 ladder) were closed because too less matches are played and the coool 4on4 ladder was opened.... now this ladder is closed too^^

so next year just close the 3on3+ ladder and open a 2on2+ ladder this will help to increase the activity.. i am sure ^^^^ ;-)

It is Summer i am out now bye bye

(or play a bit Call of Duty =D )
Zarock wrote:
[Immortal] back in the ladder! :)

Indeed! We need to start working on our losing streak again. ^^
agree to naruto
Flavio Briatore wrote:
#1 as always

Or not
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