New patch for Avalon Heroes
Today we can announce the first update for Avalon Heroes in 2011 and there are some little changes for you. First of all we got two new Heroes and they removed the Christmas decoration. Furthermore they change the Trade System and added a Snow Firework.

New Heroes

Kurotsuki (Oriens)
Kurotsuki is a strong Hero based on close-range melee combat. Using his various skills like Illusion and Counter makes him an outstanding assassin. In addition, his ultimate skill Phantom Assassin damages numerous enemies and stuns them at the same time. Items that increase his Attack Damage are recommended for this Hero.

Jack Sheppard (Aeonia)
Jack Shephard is an assassin type hero featuring long-range attacks. Using his powerful passive skill, Night Chaser, he can move fast and prove his agility at night. Items that increase Attack Damage and Critical Damage Ratio are recommended for this Hero.

More Changes

Trade System
Besides the Plaza Store, the players can directly trade with each other. The system is very similar to a MMORPG system.

Snow Firework
During the winter time there will be an AP item, which can make it rain snowflakes.

Winter Event
The Christmas decoration was removed from the game.

New Costumes
bLackhawk, Wednesday, 26/01/11 21:07
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