3on3 Cup Series Q4 - 4th Qualifier
Here we go again for the forth Cupseries with 800€ price money. Now we will show you more details about the Qualifier Cups and we also give you all details about the current ranking. So pick up your team and sign up!

Qualifier Cup #4

Signup End: 28.11.10 19:00 CET
Round 1: 28.11.10 19:00 CET
Round 2: 28.11.10 20:00 CET
Round 3: 28.11.10 21:00 CET

Qualifier #4 - Sign Up

How can I qualifier for the Quarter-Finals?

Every month we will host two Qualifier Cups for the Quartar-Finals, so you have the change to get points in 6 Qualifier Cups. The more you play the merrier you can get points, because you get more points for a better ranking within a Qualifier Cup. That's why you also have a chance to be in the Quartar-Finals, if you play in several Qualifier Cups. The points will be given as follows:

What can you win?

In total you can win 600 Euro in the Qualifier Cups, for each cup 100 Euro. The best four teams will get parts of the prize money and in the Quartar-Finals the eight teams with the most points can win 200 Euro prize money and ESL Premium. The winner will get 125 Euro and 3 month ESL Premium.

Ranking Prizes of Qualifier Cup Prizes of Quarter-Finals
1st Place 50 Euro 125 Euro & 3 month ESL Premium
2nd Place 25 Euro 50 Euro & 2 month ESL Premium
3rd Place 15 Euro 25 Euro & 1 month ESL Premium
4th Place 10 Euro -

We wish all players and teams good luck and have fun with the Cup Series.

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Coci, Tuesday, 16/11/10 17:32
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ähm yes hi,

do we have to play this cup now or is it 28.11 now?
seeing two times.

The Cup takes place on the 28th of november, you are right.
so we can start now with 3 teams?

no one alive?
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