The WeMadeFOX 5 - Part 4
TV Shows are looking for talent, countries are looking for superstars and two of the best "Avalon Heroes" players are looking for the holy grail on the map "City of the Ancients". Some casting shows aren't even successful. Our experts Moon and Sexybear found what they were looking for: they made 5v5 teams with which they will be prepared for any possible battle.
We already discussed the first 3 heroes Sexybear and Moon chose for their teams. Today we are going to have a look at the fourth hero each of them pick.

Aeonia Hero No. 4 – Jonathan

Moon already chose very tough guys (Neklit, Secmat and Baratsh). His next choice is also pretty strong but he doesn't have to take any damage. Jonathan is a very flexible hero, an arrogant cannoneer. Of course he only looks arrogant, this is irrelevant for your gameplay. First of all he has got a huge canon, he can hit from a distance and cause DPS. He is very agile, 22 in the beginning and 82 in the end. When he is level 25, his INT will be 66: He is fast, strong and he does magical damage.
You should use him as a liner because he needs some time to level up. He can become really important for his team from the mid game on. But he should never be exposed to the opponents on his own. They could steal his mobility and then...bye bye little cannoneer.

Jump around and fire rockets
Stylish Jump is the best teleport and movement skill in the whole game. Jonathan can jump 25 meters with one mouseclick. While he is jumping, nobody can harm him. This ability does magical damage, because he will fire his rifle while he is in the air. On the fourth level of this skill, hits will cause 120 damage. Jonathan can fire up to six shots while he is in the air, therefore you can do up to 720 damage. Not all opponents will be impressed by this skill, but Jonathan is a liner and therefore he has to be able to move back and forth quickly to safe his skin. He is also very good at hunting down low enemies.

Rapid Fire is the second skill Moon chooses for Jonathan. This skill is a buff which will increase the damage output and movement speed. At the same time it will be more likely to be able to shock and stun enemies. Use Rapid Fire to finish off left behind enemies or reload Stylish Jump with this skill. You can compensate for Jonathan's stiffness while firing the canon, because after each shot your hero will be able to move forwards or backwards.

Highspeed Loading is the third skill on Jonathan. This passive skill reduces the cooldown phase of the current skill and increases the attack speed. This is making him less predictable, because he will be able to use his other skills more frequently. He can always be ready for focus fire to take down single enemies.

This guy's ultimate is called Snake Shell. It's a rocket with a huge explosion which does splash damage. It can be used against buildings, creatures and monsters once the third skill level of this weapon is reached. This weapon can follow enemies automatically once they are around and do up to 1200 magical damage. Unfortunately the closest char and not the weakest will be attacked. But still, you can use it to catch fleeing villains, you can put pressure on liners in midgame - and splash damage was definitely missing on Moons team up to now.

The magic word is speed
Moon would like to get the following items for Jonathan:
Chain Boots of Darkness → Armor of Transcendent Covertness → Blade Claw of Storm → Beholder Crystal Robe → Kaiser Knuckle → Sword of Fear → Bleeding Dagger → Boots of Red Flame

The knickerbocker guy doesn't have lots of HP. Even when he reaches level 25 he doesn't become much of a tank. Therefore Moon is trying to boost Jonathan's strengths and give him more HP. Chain Booths of Darness and Armor of Trenscendent Covertness will help Jon to be able to move faster and attack quicker, his HP and PHY stats are being boosted. After these items, Moon is picking items which can make Jonathan stronger. Once this canon hero carries Boots of Red Flame with +150 movement speed, enemies will hardly catch him. Additionally, this item gives him 10+ on all stats and improves the attack damage by 12.

Jonathan's toys: A canon and a bomb

Beware the guy with the bomb...
Jonathan is a perfeft hero for hit and run strategies. He can jump right in, use Rapid Fire and Snake Shell and then teleport out of the enemy's range. A move like this is not a big problem for an agile hero like him if you use his skills wisely. Don't ever let him jump right into an ambush. When his ultimate was wasted and no MP is left, Jonathan will be in trouble.

The first half of a battle is very dangerous for Jonathan (the low HP hero), he will need some luck or the help of Baratsh to be able to survive. Everyone will be trying to kill the STR hero Baratsh first, so Jon and his weak defence might get the chance to be overlooked. When the blue giant is looking after him, Jon can do the duties of a liner and level up quickly. This is vital for him, otherwise he couldn't become a strong damage dealer or caster. His secret weapon could be useful... he utters: "ok ok"... from time to time. This can be really annoying for all enemies around.

He looks like an UdSSR soldier somehow... maybe?

Oriens Hero No. 4 – Masamichi

WeMade FOX guild master Sexybear picked Subaekrim, Raiksha and Seolbin. Now it is time for a very energetic kind of person: red haired Masamichi is not only impressive because of his large shoulder pads. He seems to have been arguing with the devil. Probably he won and now he is carrying Beelzebub's head on his arm like some kind of trophy. This is what it looks like. But it is not as important as his weapon, which is a huge sword. In melee fights he has good chances to win 1on1's, being a STR hero with a lot of attack damage. If he uses his attack skills, the opponent in a 1v1 will usually lose.

Devilish Tricks
Sexybear is only getting active skills. Devil’s Bash is making the enemy slower for 300 for five seconds. Critical damage can be done and depending on your level you can do between 90 and 360 magical damage.

Hell Attack is doing the same kind of damage and also attacks enemies immune to magic. Together with the stun on Devil’s Bash Sexybear is following a scheme which we have already seen in his choices: His hero is being made more flexible so it can stun and influence the enemy heroes.

Devil’s Head Cut Strike does 480 damage and there is also a chance of crtical hit. Bam! Three skills which let Masamichi hit with his sword. If people wanna challenge him, they might get massive hits. A hit and run strategy is a good idea when you play him. But if you like to, you can also allow your teammates to manoever you into the enemy lines like you were some kind of rocket.

Not impressed? This is not all, since you can also combine those three skills. If you use Devil's Bash and Devil’s Head Cut Strike in combination, you will do magical damage and your hero's double STR value. Your enemy is not able to defend himself, because this combination does not allow him to do any counter attacks.

Devil's Bash, Hell Attack, Devil's head CutStrike is a really cool combination. You can do basic damage and Masamichi's level times 8 plus a five second sight limitation to 30 meters. Your enemy will find it hard to do anything about this and get revenge.

This skill trio has several advantages. First of all you slow down enemies. It is hard for them to run away and use teleport skills. The second advantage is your immunity against magical damage. Ladt but not least, you can do damage from quite far away. Some enemies will be duped by this and it is an ability which can be really useful in the late game.

The ultimate Soul Strike Destruction will do 700 magical damage at level 1 and 1000 damage at level 2. It will be even more dangerous because of its 4% chance of an instant death hit. All HP will be drained from the enemy instantly. Of course 4% does not seem much, but it can make your enemy more nervous about you.

HP, more HP, even more HP
Sexybear is quite happy with the damage output of this hero. So he tries to buy some things that can be helpful in different situations:
Armlet of Vibration → Crystal of Harmony → Boots → Crystal of Enhanced Stamina → Crystal of Enhanced Stamina → Spell Breaking Boots → Armlet of Natural Disasters → Armor of Salvation → Magical Diamond of Grand Nature → Magic Protection Armor → Armor of Transcendent Hardness → Armor of the Absolute → Ether Tunic

All of these items will give you more XP (except for Armlet of Natural Disasters - all stats +7). The Spell Breaking Boots can shield against magical damage. Armor of Salvation weakens Masamichi for 30 seconds but in the end his magic defence stats get + 10 and the second half of the game begins. The last two items help to shield him better. Armor of the Absolute grants 24 defence points and Ether Tunic puts another 100% on defence. Now Masamichi is ready for the late game.

This sword must be really heavy!

A Readhead on Tour
Without any doubt, Masamichi is one of the strongest 1v1 heroes. If you use his skills wisely at the right moment, you can succeed many times. You sould not try to attack several heroes at the same time, because you will not be able to take so much damage when you are surrounded. So take good care of your hero when he is creeping on a a solo lane. A quicker char like Raiksha can be at his side and help him. Once Masamichi is on attack modus, you can team him up with Seolbin. The ultimates of these two heroes click, says Sexybear. Practice the timing a couple of times to improve the combo. If you don't get the timing right you will lose a lot of mana and it takes some time until the cooldown is over.

Nice outfit for the soccer world championship

Almost done
With Jonathan and Masamichi we are almost done with our little series. Now only one hero is missing on the teams of Moon and Sexybear. Remember, they wanted to create a perfect team for "City of the Ancients" each. Of course we would like to know what you think about these chars and teams. Who will be the last hero on each team? Probably you won't be able to guess the last Aeonia hero. Many of you will not know this hero yet... or would you? We don't want to tell you too much now. See you in the next and last episode! For Aeonia! For Oriens! For free!
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