ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Guide!
With this news we will explain you how run ESL Wire Anti-Cheat in simple steps.
Pay attention and read the tutorial in order to get ESL Wire Anti-Cheat running without any trouble on your PC.

Also you can test your Wire here, just follow the simple steps.

If you want to try your ESL Wire Anti-Cheat for AVA, just join this team:

Test it by selecting this match:

Questions and answers

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is spying on my computer!
It is correct that Wire Anti-Cheat collects and saves information. What information is collected is listed in the Licence Agreement. The collecting of data is exclusively used to find Cheaters and their possible Fake Accounts. No data or information about your pattern of use is accessible to a third party.

What information is saved and who has access to it?
What Information is saved, is listed in the ESL Wire Licence Agreement. All collected data is sent encrypted and as Hash-value. Only a few authorized people have access to this information, primarily Turtle Entertainment GmbH staff.

Can ESL Wire Anti-Cheat be used in Gathers?
Yes, Gather got a full ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Support.

How do Cheaters get caught?
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat can detect current cheats and modifications on the player's system and inform us in different ways. First we collect the data, compare it and then ban some time after the match took place. That means you will NEVER know for sure if your hack is Wire Anti-Cheat proofed or not. Even if it is not recognized at the moment, it may be recognized in the near future.

Can I test if ESL Wire Anti-Cheat detects a hack?
You should never test cheats with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat. Anyone that starts ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and has cheats or hacks running should expect to be caught. We do not differentiate between a test or a match. Whoever uses hacks while running ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and will be punished according to the rules with 12 Penalty points and a 2 year barrage.

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: How to add AVA correctly

Below you can read a step by step tutorial:

1) Download the latest version of ESL Wire from this link: ESL Wire and install it.

2) You have to copy ALL files from Reactor directory to A.V.A main directory (about 70 files should be placed in your A.V.A folder). If you are steam user, and you doesn't have Reactor you have to download it.

3) Run ESL Wire and go to the "Play-tab", click on "Add game" and in the next window click "Add a game manually".

4) Choose "Alliance of Valiant Arms" from the list.

5) Now you have to add the Reactor launcher FROM THE AVA FOLDER (where did u copy it, NOT FROM THE ORIGINAL FOLDER).

6) Wait until the registry will be scanned and confirm with "Ok". The game will start now (it's ok if nothing will be detected).

7) After the game will be started and you are in the channel list, you’re allowed to close the game, wait till Reactor adverstment will pop-up, and then close it and Reactor. (if you will have some troubles here, close reactor.exe, optimizer.exe and ava.exe via Task Manager[Ctrl+Alt+Del]).

8) Now you’ve to confirm, that the game has been closed. A list of processes in Task Manager should show it up. Choose "REACTOR.exe" and confirm again.
* If your processes list is empty, and you are using Windows 7 or Vista, run your ESL Wire as admin!

9) AVA should be added as the game in your ESL Wire. So you can see your opened matches in Alliance of Valiant Arms. As soon as possible you have to untick Option/Gaming/In-game "screen-shot and in-game overlay".

10) To start your match simply click the "Play" tab in ESL Wire, and choose your match, then click "launch game" (or double click the match),and click Start. There will appear a window with "trasmitting data".

When you finish your game close AVA and the Reactor and again will appear the trasmitting data window, that means you are logged off.
You don't need to upload match media through ESL Wire, just click on close.


Choose in the process list Reactor.exe from the AVA folder in order to make the game for ESL Wire Anti-Cheat working.

Also you CAN'T close Reactor.exe while playing A.V.A. You have to close it after the game (you can close optimizer.exe).

Close Steam/Reactor before running the game from ESL Wire.

Always run the game from ESL Wire, and choose the match with you are going to play.

When you are in game, check is your AC running. If not, restart wire and start again.

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admin: W. You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or visiting Ava Section Forum.

Your Alliance of Valiant Arms Admin Team
W, Saturday, 14/04/12 17:37
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