1on1 ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Test Cup!
After the Showmatch between EXXIS.DAWN and Team Proxon we noticed that most of players in this match did not use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat correctly.
It's time to test it again until we are sure we can start new ladders and cups if everything will be correct, next will be a team cup!

Infos and details

The Test Cup will be 1on1 in Annihilation mode, you will choose the map you want to play, ESL Wire Anti-Cheat will be mandatory!
You can find the guide in this news

Room settings:
» Friendly Fire: On
» Spectators: Off
» Free Join: On
» Ghost Chat: On
» Auto Team Balance: Off
» 3rd Person Spectate: Off

Match settings:
1 Map only
15 kills for both sides (EU & NRF)
Capsule and Event Weapons are forbidden
Capture the final score in order to play your match correctly

Sign-Up 1on1 ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Test Cup!

01/15/11 21:00 1st Round TBA
01/17/11 21:00 2th Round TBA
01/19/11 21:00 3rd Round TBA
01/21/11 21:00 4th Round TBA
01/23/11 21:00 Final TBA
01/23/11 21:00 3rd place TBA

You have two days to play your match, please take care of rules and use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat correctly!

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: datBikeR, Robbe and Matmanek. You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or visiting Ava Section Forum.

Your Alliance of Valiant Arms Admin Team
Robbe, Friday, 07/01/11 21:37
comments (18)
Let's go guys!
did anything changed to AC since last time?
We are working on it, perhaps it will be fully working before the cup starts.
Friendly fire on!
Nice :)
Dam if it was only in the weekend I could play with this tourney :D
Me too LOL
So is still on? I installed the anti cheat system. I can`t see the matches line up. Ho is my contestant? :>
Is it 15 kills for both sides on total, or until one of us reaches 15 kills? The rules aren't clear...
Fail again! 15 no show.. :S
its all cuze of the admins, they should let the ppl play on other days, we v gotta real life.
Well you saw a time for maches while u sing up, so you should make a time space there. And if somthing with u didnt plan would show up, you still could write u want play another day.
This is a test cup, we can't give you one week to play a match since we need to start the section with a working Anticheat and with a team cup.
There is no need to win it, just test your ESL Wire Anti-Cheat, you can help us checking it through the test match.
As I said before, I'm somewhat disappointed with this test cup.

The players have zero flexibility and sometimes they won't even talk to you before filling a no show (even though you were online ATM).

I find it very odd that one of the admins is playing the cup and he's the only one to jump 3-4 groups in a row. There should have been some other way to arrange the matches.

How is it fair that some people have to play 3-4 games and some just jump right in because of all the no shows? Seems quite unbalanced.

As Robbe said, this is a test cup (but at least make it balanced and fair), so no worries.
Do you think I manumitted the cup or what?
Of course it's not possible, as I said before we need to make it quickly since we need to start a team cup, so don't worry if you will not win this cup.
What we need is a 1v1 ladder. I remember that the 1v1 ladder was the most active in ESL and that the 4v4 plus ladder was quite innactive. If you want AVA community to start playing on ESL, I sugest going from there.

I don't mind losing. What I do mind is seeing people jumping groups, not being flexible on the schedule so that they win by "no show" (just like Robert is doing to me, imposing me a date at the very same time that I have dinner and not saying a single word when I say to him that I can't play at that time).
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