Demolition 5on5 Team Cup finished!
We finished the first team tournament after the reactivation section. How it ended? Of the 26 teams we met most of them.
We have not reported about the prizes before the cup because we have not confirmed information. Now we present the prize, which it sponsored by ijji.com. Thank you for your participation and invite you to the next tournament.

Demolition 5on5 Team Cup: The Podium!


300 GCoin per player

200 GCoin per player

ClanLess .AVA
100 GCoin per player

Ro Sprayers
50 GCoin per player

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: datBikeR, SHiReZ. You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or visiting Ava Section Forum.

Your Alliance of Valiant Arms Admin Team
datBikeR, Monday, 28/03/11 23:28
comments (10)
Lol I even knew that you can win Something !
Lol. I mean wow. Thank you. :D
I wonder when the next one will beggin n_n
w0lf_ wrote:

>> what ???

esl failed so much in this cup it is nearly unbelievable, we were waiting for working ESL wire like 3 months, and after 2 rounds it appeared it does not working... so yeah GG ESL as always
ESL didn't failed in this cup. They tryed to make working AC but they couldn't, so as community wanted they started cup. Teams with are in podium proofs that good teams won it. If some no-names teams would be there - it may be strange. Even US Community cups are without anti-cheat and they are as well succesfull.
You're right about the final results, w0lf_. But you must have in mind that some teams lost against hackers (I saw a submitted screenshot of a guy going 32-8)... Results would have been different without those hackers.
In my oppinion there was maximum one team who hacked and this team lost, when it hacked. I'm sure all of us know, which team i mean :)

Anyways, maybe we will see another tournament in future with ESL Wire.
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