1v1 Annihilation Weekly CUPs!
Dear players,

to keep you playing between our team cups, we've prepared for you new entertainment!

1v1 Annihilation Weekly CUPs!
Every week, we're going to host a 1v1 Annihilation CUP! This way, you can stay in shape and also prove something !

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat & Ingame Report system

Also we took care of your safety-reffering to the cheaters! To detect potential cheaters, we will cooperate and use IJJI’s system! Please remember, if you will get cought cheating, you will be banned both, in ESL and ingame!

More information about In-Game report system can be found here.

Our Anti-Cheat, ESL Wire it's obligatory in this cup, and informations about it can be found here.

Check-In System

Check-In System is something new for A.V.A players.

It's very simple, you only have to confirm your participation in the cup 30 mins before the tournament starts. To do it, follow these simple steps:

1. Go here
2. And 30 mins before tournament click "Checkin".

AVA Annihilation 1on1 Weekly Cup!

Sign Up!
Signup to: 24/05/12 18:30
Start: 24/05/12 19:00
Size: 16 Players
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Teamsize: 1on1
Game Mode: Annihilation
Mode: BO1 - 2x 15 kills per side
Matchmedia: endscore

Extra Rules:

Server settings: Click to see
Weapons GCoin Only/Colour/Event - forbidden
Rules: Click to see

Sign-Up A.V.A 1on1 Annihilation Weekly CUP

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins:W, TheR1pper . You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or visiting Ava Section Forum.

Your Alliance of Valiant Arms Admin Team
W, Monday, 21/05/12 13:17
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Cold Case is a map for this CUP!
My gcoins pls ?:D
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