Weekend Cups: Winners
Weekend is over, but we found the winners of the first AssaultCube Weekend Cups. Read on for more information.
Congratulations to the glad winners. You will all get your place in the Hall Of Fame.

OSOK 1on1 Top 3

1. Place: Wolf
1 Month ESL Account

2. Place: CoxA

3. Place: OPEN MATCH

TDM 3on3 Top 3

1. Place: Owning Noobs Everywhere

2. Place: Legendary cubers

3. Place: Dual Destruction

We hope you had fun. Be patient, there will be some new cool events for AssaultCube in your ESL. If you have some things you would like to see changed, ask here in the comments.

Best regards,
your Admin Team
ärkefiende, Tuesday, 16/02/10 22:24
OSOK 1on1 Weekend Cup - Rankings
TDM 3on3 Weekend Cup - Rankings
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And 3rd place for 1on1 OSOK? Me vs Worldspawn!
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