Monday, 15/11

AssaultCube | 22:08
1on1 AutumCupNow you can compete with the best and win prizes!

Sunday, 07/11

AssaultCube | 20:15
Admins wantedIn order to get more activity in this Section, we search some Admins. Are you a player of Assault_Cube? You want to help building the European community in the ESL? We are looking for motivated admins for the international Assault_Cube section - read on if you are interested

Wednesday, 04/08

AssaultCube | 22:13
AssaultCube v1.1A new version of the open source first person shooter AssaultCube has been released!

Tuesday, 16/02

AssaultCube | 22:24
Weekend Cups: WinnersWeekend is over, but we found the winners of the first AssaultCube Weekend Cups. Read on for more information.

Sunday, 07/02

AssaultCube | 21:52
Weekend Cups: Signup now!Two new cups are waiting for you to sign up! Next weekend will be an AssaultCube weekend. Read on for more information.

Monday, 01/02

AssaultCube | 19:04
Most Matches CompetitionAre you an active player here in the AssaultCube section? Every month we reward the most active player through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!

Thursday, 28/01

AssaultCube | 22:20
Rules update DM LadderDue to the change of the rule system, we also made some rules changes to the Deathmatch 1on1 Ladder. Main changes are handling of match media and the illegal scripts list.

Thursday, 14/01

AssaultCube | 19:15
AssaultCube: Admins wantedWe are looking for new admins for the European AssaultCube section. The main reward of being an admin is being able to have an influence on your community, however large or small, one person really can make a difference. If there is something you would like to see improved on the ESL or you have ideas for new ladders, leagues or cups, it is much easier to make it happen as part of the team. Being an admin is purely voluntary, the vast majority of the ESL's hundreds of admins are rewarded with free premium and the knowledge they are doing something good for their community.

Monday, 30/11

AssaultCube | 21:40
Summer League: WinnersCongratulations to the winners of the Summer League of AssaultCube. For more information watch the whole news.

Sunday, 01/11

AssaultCube | 14:22
SummerLeague: FinalsThe Deathmatch 1on1 Summer League has got a winner. <a href="/eu/player/3543391/">Davitomon</a> wins against <a href="/eu/player/1519065/">ot4ku</a> in the <a href="/eu/match/15631329/">finals</a>. For more information read the full news.

Saturday, 03/10

AssaultCube | 21:31
SummerLeague: PlayoffsThe Playoffs for the 1on1 and 3on3 AssaultCube SummerLeagues will start soon. For more information read the full news.

Wednesday, 23/09

AssaultCube | 16:30
Instant Challenger ActivatedWe've activated the ESL Instant Challenger in the 1on1 Deathmatch ladder to allow you to find matches in an easy way. Look at the news for further information.

Tuesday, 14/07

AssaultCube | 17:07
[Update] ESL AssaultCube Summer LeaguesAfter the beach and before going to party, what else than an ESL Match. It is why ESL EU AssaultCube staff proudly presents the 1on1 Deathmatch and the 3on3 CTF Summer League. Do not watch TV, play on ESL.

Monday, 01/06

AssaultCube | 16:17
Most Matches Competition in AssaultCubeActually the activity is too low in our AssaultCube section and we have to inject some adrenaline here to re-activate it. This adrenaline is called Most Matches Competition (MMC).

Sunday, 29/03

AssaultCube | 03:23
AssaultCube CTF League: PlayoffsWe can now present you the playoffs for the ESL AssaultCube CTF League. The best two teams from each group are going through the next round and may the best teams win!

Thursday, 12/02

AssaultCube | 21:32
First AssaultCube League is starting soon...During the last several weeks, players have formed teams and teams recruited the best players, and final rosters have taken shape. The ESL Admin Team is very proud to present the first official Season of the AssaultCube CTF League.
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