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Shootmania Storm (FPS game)
Author Posting
Publisher: Nadeo
Website: http://www.shootmania.com
Genre: FPS
Description: Fast-paced game currently in the late alpha stage. Has already had two events (Gamers Assembly and SOPA lan). Currently played 3v3, where the attacker is alone with a rail gun vs 3 defenders with a slower weapon. Game has replay function, map/mode maker, spectate mode and active devs. 
Community Info: At the moment the community consists of players who were invited during the first two alpha stages (many because of their results in other competitive games), and players who acquired the alpha through participating at Dreamhack Summer 2012. The community is both competitive and casual (with map making and general public play). 

I'm not sure if ESL usually takes in games before they're released, but I don't see why not. This is a game which has already had two lan events, with a third coming soon. There will be more tournaments, and I'm sure ESL would like to participate in forming this competitive community.
next big shooter +1
Want to! but yet no key for me :<
Nice idea Reacto .
The game is already really active (online cup incoming : Pure's Cup , Androit's cup powered by SteelSeries) and 3 lan already done .
Agree with the topicstarter, ShootMania could be the next big shooter which can be played in the ESL. +1
+1 from me !
I love playing this game, please add it
Announcement trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSFw4SsU4eY (this isn't 3v3 though)

since i found this game a week ago i cant stop looking at trailers and for a key. GIVE ME AN ALPHA KEY PLEASE! emoticon-smile
meh wantz a keyz ploxz
be patient
Hybr1d wrote:
be patient

i really hope they wont split up the community with country sections like they have done with bf3. 
rly dont want to move to france to play this game, thx
This game is truly fantastic. And for being an alpha and having all theese awsome tools to work with (ex. maptools, customizability, demo/record function and more) makes me unspeakable.

The game has already had a few lans with great prices for the game being only in alpha stage. It was featured in Dreamhack Summer 2012 together with QPAD which held a turnament in Joust mode with great prices together with a great marketing giving every person attenting Dreamhack Summer lan a alpha key to start playing right away. 

And to already see teams getting together and play and orgs like Dignitas, Epsilon, H2k etc is really good.

Did I mention that this game only is an alpha stage?

Dear ESL, this game has to be featured in your catalogs of games. This game will indeed be the new BIG fps game we all have been looking for to play. This will be a rebirth for FPS gaming in a world where SC2, DOTA2 and LOL is taking a bigger an bigger market. 

FPS esports needs Shootmania. ESL, what are you waiting for?
+1 for Shootmania on ESL!
tbh its nothing cool but totally shit that those who are already progamers in other shooters can start playing this game like half a year before the others. doesnt seem fair to me but ofc its a rly good marketing, no doubt at all.
im just raging cuz i dont get an alpha key emoticon-smile
Alpha tester here.+1 for this amazing game!

Awesome game.
Made for esport !
Great game, indeed.
If it gets a chance, this game will be huge indeed
+1 but they better do this after the release of the game.
Like atm we do not really know which mode we're going to play?
5v5 still not released + i'm sure there are going to be alot more weapons at the release..
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