Arctic Combat WC EU Qualifer #1 Final
This Saturday the final of the first European Qualifier for the Arctic Combat World Championship will take place. Join us on ESL TV to see which team will secure themselves the first spot for the European Final from where they can enhance to the grand final in Korea.

European Qualifier #1 Final

More than 100 teams from all over Europe battled their way through our first qualifier. Although we've seen a lot of matches going all 3 maps in this tournament, both finalists showed an overall great performance and had a perfect run winning each and every single match they played by the score of 2:0.

Saturday, 15/09/12 20:00
Status: closed

  Venezuela (#1) [23:22]  Druidz.OZONE (#2)

Live on ESL TV

The final match couldn't be any more promising than this, so let's see what these two teams got up their sleeve for the viewers. The show will be streamed live on ESL TV by our very own Joe 'Joe' Miller, so make sure to tune in for an exciting final.

Live on ESL TV
20:00 CET - Saturday, 15. September

David, Thursday, 13/09/12 15:46
Arctic Combat on facebook
Watch the final live on ESL TV!
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F***n nice :)
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lolz notice how only one person above like this crap ^^ noobs
clOwn wrote:
lolz notice how only one person above like this crap ^^ noobs

Lol notice how only 1 person above hates this game ^^ noob
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omg cl0wn omg
You have € 52 on Venezuela
Possible win: € 52.2
looking forward to this match, good luck to both teams!
Will there be a VOD of the ESL.TV Show?
Bl4ckxz wrote:
Will there be a VOD of the ESL.TV Show?

You will most likely find it here: http://en.esl.tv/video/archive/ some day ;d
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