AirRivals' European Championship: Final today!
AirRivals' European Championship starts today at gamescom's ESL arena. The top two players of seven European servers traveled to gamescom to compete at the ESL Progaming Area. Twelve flying aces will show off their gear trying to reach the final, which will be broadcast live at the ESL TV stage on Sunday noon. Unfortunately TOnyMontana and Duffy couldn't make it to Germany.

Update: Grand Final today!

On the final day of gamescom 2011 the Grand Final of the European Championship in AirRivals takes place. Ph0bi4 will face Mando live on stage at about 12:45 CEST. Don't miss this if you are a fan of AirRivals!

Prize Distribution:

The first and second placed participants will receive the opportunity to take part at the AirRivals World Championships at the G-Star in Pusan, South Korea between the 10.11.2011 and the 13.11.2011 (inclusive of all travel as well as hotel accommodation and catering).

1st = Alienware Area 51 ALX Desktop
2nd = Apple iPhone 4 with accessories
3rd = iPod Touch with accessories

Group A
  Group B


Group Stage A
Sat, 20th Aug. - 1030 CET

Group Stage B
Sat, 20th Aug. - 1300 CET
Sat, 20th Aug. - 1700 CET

3rd Place
Sat, 20th Aug. - 1900 CET
Sun, 21th Aug. - 1200 CET
Live on ESL TV

AirRivals takes you to the air

AirRivals is an innovative 3D action game. In this massive multilayer online game (MMOG), players pilot their own Space Fighter (Gear) through the sky above the surface of a planet. While the action in the air provides you with all the thrills of a first-person shooter, you can also increase your skills and improve your Gear level by level - just like in an RPG. In AirRivals, you have full control over your Gear's movement - quite different from traditional RPGs with their mouse-click controls! But be careful: Your enemies will also attack from every direction and you can come under fire at any time. So always be on your guard and stay concentrated! By the way, you can download AirRivals for free.

AirRivals will be part of the ESL Arena at gamescom,August 17th - 21st!

otacon, Saturday, 20/08/11 12:14
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